How do I find replacement parts for my above ground pool?

PSC Ep. 85: How do I find replacement parts for my above ground pool?

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question: 

I need to replace some parts on my above ground pool. Can you help me find the correct parts?

Yes, we’d love to help you find the correct parts. The easiest thing you can do is take pictures of your wall section, which should include shots of your, top cap, the top plate, the top rail, upright, and wall. The more pictures the easier it is to identify a pool.  You want to email those to We’ll take a look, we’ll try and identify the pool and send you some recommendations.How do I find replacement parts for my above ground pool?

If you’re not comfortable taking pictures for whatever reason, you can look for part numbers printed on the part, then see if that matches up with anything on our site. What you do is if you see a part number on the underside of your top cap, plug that number into our search box, and do a search and see if anything comes up. You can also look it up by the make and model of your pool. If you go to our above ground pool parts page, we have hundreds of schematics of different pools and you can do it that way.

No one has a manual. But, if you do have a manual, you can go that route.

How do I find replacement parts for my above ground pool?


There are no universal fit above ground pool parts. You want to make sure you get the specific part for your specific pool. Because some people will call us and they’ll for a top rail for 24-foot pool, and we’ll tell them what the make and model and they’re like, “I don’t think it matters.”


“I’ll just take any top rail.” Well, they’re not all the same. They’re different lengths, widths, and crimps. The channel for where the wall fits into is just a little bit different and that little bit, though it may be small, still matters.

It’s always best to identify your pool so send us those pictures and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you have any questions about finding your above ground pool part visit us over at or send an email at


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12 thoughts on “PSC Ep. 85: How do I find replacement parts for my above ground pool?

  1. I have one of those old home and roam pools-the one that is #80-the unidentified one and I am looking for base plates that go under the posts-is there anything that will fit

  2. I purchased a Barbados oval pool 21×41 in 2011 and need to replace several top plates. I can not find the exact plate part number 2168. Do you know what would be comparable? Thank you

  3. I have a 24 round Vogue L’Originale pool, I am looking for the rails? That snap into the top resin ledge. It appears that they secure the liner.

  4. I sent a few photos of the parts I’m in need of. I need 6 bottom channel rails to lock the siding of the pool up. Where else can I send pictures to I’m not sure of the brand of the pool. I know it’s a 24 foot pool

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