Poolside Repair: How To Install A Pool Light

Poolside Repair: How To Install A Pool Light

Hello, it is it your pool pals Matt and Rob, and today we are proud to introduce Inyo’s new web series called Poolside Repair. This is where we get out of the studio and meet up with real pool owners to troubleshoot, repair or install anything pool related.

In our first episode, we help Lou replace his Pentair Amerilite with a LED Pureline PureColors light. The essential steps for installing a pool light are:

  1. Cut the power cable at the light fixture end.
  2. Tie old light cable to new cable, pull through the conduit.
  3. Wire the new light to the power source.

But as you know with anything involving pools, it is never that easy. Let’s hop into action with the video, and below we have steps so you can follow along with each step.


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