How do I know if I need the pre-1998 or 1998-and-after tune-up kit for the Sta-Rite Dura-Glas/Max-E-Glas?

Video: Poolside Chat Episode #7 Sta-Rite Dura-Glas Pre-’98 or Post-’98 Tune Up Kits

This is Poolside Chat where every week we answer your questions on how to fix and maintain your swimming pool. Poolside Chat is presented by, helping pool owners find the right parts since 2001. In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question:
  • How do I know if I need the pre-1998 or 1998-and-after tune-up kit for the Sta-Rite Dura-Glas/Max-E-Glas?

Now here’s your host – Matt and Rob.

Poolside Chat Episode #7 Video

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Tune-up kits aka Go-Kits contain a pump’s lid O-ring, housing O-ring, diffuser O-ring, and a shaft seal to keep your pump watertight and running right. Let’s jump to the viewer question of the week.

“We have a Sta Rite Dura-Glas Pump and need a tune-up kit. How do I know if I need a Pre 1998, or After 1998 seal kit?” 

– Mr Matterhorn in Frederick, MD

Sta-Rite Dura-Glas $ Max-E-Glas Copper Cup
Dura-Glas & Max-E-Glas pre-1998 Copper Cup

Well, let’s briefly explain the differences between the two pool pump gasket kit and pumps. The pre-1998 Dura-Glas/Max-E-Glas has a copper cup in the seal plate. This model’s shaft seal lacks the rubber sleeve around the white ceramic ring. The rubber sleeve acts to keep the ceramic side in place and snug; without it, the shaft seal requires this copper cup to secure the ringThe 1998-and-after pump model does not contain a copper cup, because the shaft seal uses the now standard rubber sleeve to secure the ceramic ring. If you want to figure out which model year you have, you must open the pump and possibly remove the impeller to determine if the copper cone is present. If you don’t want to open it up, you can always use the 1998-and-after because the shaft seal will work. You just have to remove that copper cone from the pre-1998 version. Either way, you can use a 1998-and-after.

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When it comes to the Dura-Glas you can always use the 1998-and-after, because it’s going to work and it is kind of a fail-safe. All you got to do is just remove the copper cup. Well, let’s say if you don’t know which tune-up kit you have or you don’t know which pump you have or you need to figure out what tune-up kit you need, you can always send pictures of your pump. If you can’t find your pump model number or your housing, then we can identify it for you. We’re pretty good at that.

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  1. great video, I just installed a new seal and impeller but I did not remove the copper sleeve. Pump leaks badly after I reassembled. Ill take back apart and remove the copper. How does it get removed? is it threaded, pressed?? thanks!! Mike 812-630-2208

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