How To Operate a Hayward Slide Valve


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The SP-410x62 Series Piston Slide Valve Assembly is designed specifically for use with the Hayward Pro Series High Rate Sand Filters shown here.  The Slide Valve is attached to the side of the Filter and has two modes of operation: Filter and Backwash. This guide shows you how to operate a Hayward two function Slide Valve.

Please click here to view the Hayward SP0410X602S slide valve.

Step by Step


Step 1

FILTER OPERATION - For the majority of the time your Filter will operate in Filter mode. Water will enter from the pump into the top of the filter, flow through the sand to remove dirt particle and return to the pool from the bottom of the filter. Over time, the sand in the filter will become clogged with these dirt particles and will have to be cleaned. In Backwash Mode, the water is reversed through the filter. Water from the pump is fed into the bottom of the filter tank, pushed up through the sand to release the trapped dirt particles and purged out a waste line connected to a port at the top of the Filter Tank. The Hayward Slide Valve is used to reverse the flow of water inside the Filter Tank.

Step 2

VALVE POSITION, FILTERING - For normal filtering, the Valve Handle is pulled up in the UP position with the pointer turned to LOCK, When transitioning from Backwash Mode, First turn the pump off. The Valve Handle should never be moved with the pump on. Then twist the Handle counter-clockwise to the OPEN position, pull UP on the Handle, and twist the Handle back to LOCK mode.

Click here to view the Hayward SP0410X602S valve handle assembly.

Step 3

WATER FLOW, FILTERING - When the Slide Valve is in the FILTER position, water flows from the PUMP  into the middle Valve position and up into the upper piping of the Filter Tank. The top diffuser spreads the water evenly across the top of the sand, Then the water is filtered through the sand as it moves to the bottom of the Filter Tank. Here the water is collected into the bottom laterals; pushed up through the lower piping to exit out the lower Valve Port; and returned to the pool. The upper Valve port to the WASTE line is closed off.

Step 4

VALVE POSITION, BACKWASHING - For Backwashing, the Handle should be in the down position. First, turn the pump off. The Valve Handle should never be moved with the pump on. Then Turn the Valve Handle counter-clockwise to the "OPEN" position. Push the Handle DOWN as far as it will go and turn it clockwise to lock it. When you restart the pump, the water will flow from bottom to top.

Please click here to view the Hayward SP0410X602S slide valve.

Step 5

WATER FLOW, BACKWASHING - With the Slide Valve in the Backwash position, water flows from the PUMP through the middle port and down into the lower piping of the Filter Tank. The water is then dispersed into the bottom of the tank through the laterals, then forced up through the sand to the top of the tank. This action separates the debris from the sand and carries it to the top in the water. At the top the water and debris is collected and fed into the upper piping to be diverted out the WASTE Valve Port and Waste Line. The lower Valve Port, which normally returns waterr to the pool, is shut off.


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 Posted: 4/11/2019 

I want to lube the o-rings in the valve, but I can't unscrew it. Any tips?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 4/17/2019 

Try spraying the screws with some WD-40 and let that sit for a couple of minutes. Hopefully, that will be enough to free up the screws.

 Posted: 8/16/2018 

Hello triciage50 - The gaskets within the slide valve have probably expanded and need to be replaced. If you can't remove the piston assembly, we recommend replacing the complete valve.

Anonymous  Posted: 7/29/2018 

I am not able to lift the valve to be able to backwash. What is recommended?

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 12/28/2015 

John - It's just a simpler valve system. Not as efficient as the 6-7 function valves.

 Posted: 12/27/2015 

Why is there no rinse cycle with this valve??

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 8/20/2015 

Jim Davis - We recommend backwashing for 2-3 minutes until the waste water is clear.

 Posted: 8/18/2015 

How long should the back flush valve be left open--is there an optimal time for flushing the filter?