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Floating Chlorine Dispenser

Model # Item Price  
OBW160006 Floating Chlor/Bromine Feeder $9.99 Description

Model # Item Price  
NA340 Large Floating Chlorine Dispenser $13.99 Description

Part # Item Price  
1973E Floating Chemical Feeder, 1" Tabs $20.99 Description

Model # Item Price  
OBW160010 Lg Floating Chem Dispenser $20.99 Description

Model # Item Height Length Width Price  
GAM1002 GAME Derby Dolphin Large Pool Chlorinator
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11 - 7/8 in. 8 - 1/2 in. 8 - 1/2 in. $39.99 Description

Floating Chlorine Dispenser
Large capacity floating chlorinator holds up to 3 lbs of chemicals. For use with 1" or 3" chlorine tabs and has an adjustment ring to control the feed rate. Made of U.V.- resistant plastic for many seasons of use.