How to Clean Water Mister Nozzles


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Nozzles for water misting systems and fans can become clogged by hard water deposits. Here are few tips for cleaning them.

Step by Step


Step 1

Remove the nozzle and tap it on a hard surface; this might be enough to dislodge the mineral accumulation.

Step 2

If simply tapping the nozzle fails to remove the deposits, remove the o-ring and soak the nozzle head in a small amount of Aeromist biodegradable nozzle cleaner or white vinegar for about 30 minutes.

Step 3

If neither of these methods unclog the misting nozzle, it should be replaced.


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 Posted: 12/17/2019 

I took the o rings off & soaked them in CLR for 5 minutes. Good as new.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 9/13/2017 

bethany - It shouldn't matter how high the hose is. The water is under pressure.

 Posted: 9/6/2017 

Do u have to have the hose higher than mister to make it flow right or no

 Posted: 7/4/2017 

Soaked heads and worked like a champ!
Thank you


InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 7/5/2014 

Vcs928 - Take the nozzles off and pour vinegar into the tube with a funnel.

 Posted: 7/4/2014 

How did you add vinegar to the line to clean it? I'd like to do the same.

 Posted: 5/27/2014 

I have mine in pipes. I didn't bother remove them. I just filled the line with vinegar for 10 mins. Clean as a whistle!

 Posted: 6/29/2013 

I soaked my mister nozzles in a ultrasonic jewelry cleaner with white vinegar for ten minutes and it cleaned them all just fine. Sort of combines steps 1 and 2 all at once.