How to Find and Replace a Skimmer Basket


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The pool Skimmer basket is an important part to your plumbing system as it catches large debris before it gets to your piping. This prevents clogs and possibly equipment damage.


Step by Step


Step 1

Safety First! Please turn off all power to your pump filtering system. We do not want the skimmer to be pulling any water from the pool while conducting this process.

Step 2

Finding a skimmer basket may be as easy as finding the Make and Model of your skimmer on the cover or weir door. Scan these parts for any identifying model names. If no identifying information can be found on the skimmer lid or weir we can move onto removing the skimmer basket.

Step 3

To access the skimmer basket we must first remove the skimmer lid. This is usually held in by two or more screws. Remove these screws and place cover to the side.

Step 4

After the cover is removed look down into the skimmer and you should see the skimmer basket. Your basket may have leaves and other debris. Grab the handle of your skimmer basket (if possible), and then remove from skimmer by pulling out. Discard debris.

Step 5

After the basket is free of debris check the rim of the basket for any part number that will identify your skimmer.

Step 6

If a number is not found on the rim of the basket, check the base of the basket.

Step 7

If either one of these steps does not produce a part number, you will need to measure your skimmer basket. The measurements most helpful in tracking down a basket will be the basket's opening outside diameter, inside diameter, the basket's height and the base diameter.

Step 8

These measurements can be useful when matching up your basket. You can send a picture of your basket and the measurements in an e-mail to

Step 9

Place your new skimmer basket into the skimmer. Be sure that it is sitting flush and is it loose or tilting before securing cover of skimmer.

Step 10

Return the lid to the top of the skimmer and secure with screws.


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InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 6/9/2017 

Anonymous (skimmer basket) - There should also be a part number on the underside of the skimmer cover. Use this number to identify your skimmer, then look at parts to find your basket.

Anonymous  Posted: 6/9/2017 

Helpful if I had the original basket. Bought the house and pool without a basket. No demarcation on weir . How should I measure cavity properly for the right size? W. Hackett