How To Replace an AquaRite Turbo Cell

Written by:  Danny Rhodehamel

This guide will show you how to replace a Hayward AquaRite Salt Cell. A salt chlorine generator cell will last about 4 -5 years before it has to be replaced. This guide describes how to replace a GLX-Cell-15-W Turbo Cell in a Aqua-Rite Electronic Chlorine Generator. If you are replacing an existing GLX-Cell-15-W chlorinator cell, as we are showing here, no re-configuration of the digital controller is necessary. Note: Earlier versions of this cell were identified as T-Cell-15.

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Step 1

Your first step in replacing the Turbo Cell is to turn off the power to the pump and Chlorine Salt Generator. Ideally this should be done at the circuit breaker. The controller display should go blank.

Step 2

Next relieve the water pressure at the relief valve usually on top of your pool filter.

Step 3

Unscrew the two unions on either side of the AquaRite Turbo Cell.

Step 4

Pull the AquaRite Turbo Cell out from the piping.

Step 5

Pull the plug form the AquaRite Turbo Cell out of the lower corner of the digital controller.

Step 6

Inspect the union O-rings for any wear and replace them as necessary. Apply a thin coat of lubricant on the O-rings.

Step 7

Place the replacment Aquarite Turbo Cell into the piping and screw the unions back onto the ends of the new cell. Hand tightening these unions is adequate. The cell can be positioned either way. In fact, the manufacturer recommends that you reverse the cell every time you clean it to extend the life of the cell.

Step 8

Plug the other end of the power cord into the lower corner of the controller.

Step 9

Turn power back on to the pool pump and salt chlorine generator. The controller should light up and the pool pump should operate.

Step 10

Any air in the piping should be coming out of the open relief valve. When water start to spray out of the relief valve, shut the valve off.

Step 11

After a couple of minutes, the controller display will show a salt value of between 2700 and 3400 and the "Power" and "Generating" LEDs should be illuminated.

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User: Inyopools

john - Hayward does not sell direct to the customer. Give us a call at 877-372-6038. You should be able to get through to one of our service reps quickly.

User: john

I would like to order a self fan so that I can clean, generating chlorine filter. I tried all your numbers I have tried emails, without success all I would like to know is if I can purchase it from Hayward or do I have to go to a dealer.

User: Inyopools

Mike - Causes for little or no chlorine residual. The Hayward Aqua Rite switch is in the "Off" position. The Desired Output % adjustment setting is too low. The stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level is low. The filter pump time is too short (8 hours is average). The salt level is too high or too low (ideal 3200 ppm). The water temperature is warm and this causes a higher demand for chlorine. The water temperature is too low (below 50ºF) and this causes the Aqua Rite to stop generating. There is excessive scaling on the cell.

User: Mike

Replaced turbo cell with new one. Test strip shows plenty of salt. The cell is not producing enough chlorine even at 50% four hours a day. What's up? How can I fix it?

User: Inyopools

MIKE ODEN - You would have to replace the whole cell, if the outside cell casing cracked. I would check with Hayward /Goldline to see if they might replace it. Some of these cells have a 3 year warranty. Their number is 1-866-722-2100.



User: Inyopools

Chris - I haven't seen this problem before. I would suggest calling Hayward/Goldline at 866-772-2100. They should be able to resolve this issue for you.

User: chris

Help. We have an Aquarite and the power and generating lights comd on for abou 15 seconds and then go off. They will stay off about 15 seconds and then come back on. They just keep repeating this cycle. What could be wrong?

User: Inyopools

bob - I don't know the answer to your problem but here's a link to the AguaRite owner's manual. Trouble shooting starts on page 14. You may see other problem indicators in this list, or if not , contact Goldline tech support at the number provided at the start of the Troubleshooting section.

User: bob

My old salt water generator was 5 years old and was replaced I installed a new and it does not generate salt my indicator reads 4200 ppm and says salt too high it has turned green and test strip says no salt help!

User: Bob

Thanks that is exactly what it was

User: Inyopools

bob - According to the Hayward/Goldline rep, you may have inadvertently reset the cell size in your programming designation that you have a smaller cell than you actually have installed. Call Hayward/Goldline at 908 351-5400 X7961 for specific troubleshooting information.

User: Bob

My display reads Hi. The salt reading checked by my pool store is 2400. Do I need a new cell?

User: Inyopools

Bad Circuit Board - According to an authorized dealer for Hayward, if "no cell power" is displayed on your Aqua Rite panel or no LED lights are on, you generally need a new printed circuit board. But check your wiring first to make sure you have power to the unit.

User: Inyopools

Ralph - The cell can be positioned either way. In fact, the manufacturer recommends that you reverse the cell every time you clean it to extend the life of the cell.

User: Ralph

your picture shows the cord on the top when unscrewing and then on the bottom when reinstalling. Which is correct?

User: InyoPools

tonyptex - If you keep the water chemistry balanced, a cell will typically last 4-5 years. On the display panel, if your display shows "-Pcb-" and all red/yellow LEDs are illuminated, you may have a faulty printed circuit board. Call service.

User: tonyptex

Can anyone tell me what the average life of the cell is? How do I know if I need to change out the display panel as well?

User: jersstuff

Thank you for the information; reversing the cell each time I clean it, which will prolong the cell life.

User: InyoPools

Redman -I would call Hayward/Goldline on this one. Their number is 908-355-7995.

User: Redman

I have the exact same problem as "User: dead in the water" from November 2011 (see below). Was there a solution to this problem?

Comment: i replaced it and salt reads 2000 still but High Salt light comes on. Instructions say reprogramming my be necessary, but following their instructions it does not give me the options it says it should

User: InyoPools

HELPme - First check you connections to the cell then give Hayward/Goldline a call on this one. Their number is 908-355-7995.

User: HELP me

My aqualogic control keeps reading "No Cell Power" and system is not making any chlorine, pool is starting to get green. Can anyone help ? Do I have to replace the board ?

User: deidra

We replaced our salt cell with a t-cell 15. We have Hayward Swim Pure plus. The "Check salt" and "inspect cell" LEDs are on steady. Any suggestions?

User: InyoPools

ARMY - To get a copy of an AquaRite owner's manual: Go to the bottom of our website home page. Click Owner's Manuals - right hand corner. In Mfg list click Goldline Controls, then click AquaRite.

User: InyoPools

HELP - Please give Hayward a call on this one. They will be better able to troubleshoot your problem. Their number is 908-355-7995.

User: ARMY



User: HELP

i got Aquarite unit seen 2005 , i just got a new t-cell-15 put in ,the light for generate clorine not even on. and i try to put to auto and Super chlorinate try to change the t-cell, not things show up on the displayed about t-cell at all
please help TX

User: Russ

If your salt level is reading high make sure your system is set to the correct cell size ie T9 vs T15 you can change the size setting by moving from auto to super chlorinate while the display is on the cell size reading. This can get reset very easily with power outages or like my kids who play with the pool settings?

User: InyoPools

Chuck - We recommend calling the manufacturer, Goldline Controls, on this issue. Their is 888 921-7665.

User: Chuck

I have a message on control panel "No cell power" Aqua logic unit. Where is the problem? Can you help?

User: InyoPools

Jon, Thank you for your comment. You are correct and I have changed the guide to reflect your comment.

User: Jon

My goldline manual says water can flow in either direction through the cell. Every time I take it out to clean it, I reverse the direction.

User: dead in the water

i replaced it and salt reads 2000 still but High Salt light comes on. Instructions say reprogramming my be necessary, but following their instructions it does not give me the options it says it should

User: poolyboy

That is crazy I did the same thing and looked at how the power cord was facing and it was backasswords.. And in that pic. the original was backasswords to. I bet thier was nuthen even wrong with the first one.

User: Inyopools

The .original cell was installed incorrectly

User: Ben

If the power cord should be closest to the pool, why is the original not positioned that way?

User: bill wilson

why wire to poolside

User: ron l

I have a T-cell 15 and it is 4-5 yrs old.
I am confused about the cells, my pool is 30,000
galons, wich cell do i need, I have had to run my cell at 100% for the whole time it has been in there, did I get sold too small of a cell.
thank you.

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