How To Set Up a Fully Automated Pool Chemical System


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This guide shows how to set up a complete system to automatically monitor and dispense the two major chemicals required to maintain a pool water chemistry, chlorine and Ph reducer. It starts by describing the function of each component then shows how the components are linked together. This is intended as an overview. Detailed installation instructions are provided in the owner's manuals. While this is a Jandy configuration, the concepts described are generic and can be applied to most other systems.

Step by Step


Step 1

The primary controls for the chemical monitoring and dispensing equipment will be integrated into a Jandy Aqualink RS Power Center. This Power Center is installed outside next to the pool equipment to facilitate servicing of the pool equipment. The Power Center is connected to a Jandy Touch Screen mounted inside the house to control programming and operation of the pool function. A picture of the Jandy Touch Screen is shown here

Step 2

The Jandy Aqualink RS Power Center is a weather-resistant metal enclosure located near the equipment and in which the Control System is installed. When you purchase a Power Center, you get the metal case, a set of relays and a transformer. The Main Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and service control panel of the Control System will be installed in the Power Center as well. Each Power Center can handle up to 8 features. This system was designed for 16 features so has two interconnected Power Centers.

Step 3

The system power circuit breakers are installed in the lower half of the Power Center.

Step 4

The Main Printed Circuit Board and Service Control Panel are installed in the upper half of the Power Center. This system also has a smaller display to the left of the Service Control Panel to display data on pool salinity and temperature collected from the Salt Chlorine Generator.

Step 5

This pool configuration uses three systems in conjunction with the Aqualink RS Power Center to automatically monitor and disperse chlorine and Ph levels: the Jandy Chemlink C1900, the Jandy Fusion Soft Nature2 System and the Stenner Tank and Pump System.

Step 6

Jandy Chemlink C1900 monitors sanitizer and pH levels automatically, activating purification systems if water chemistry falls below preset levels. ChemLink enables precision chemical dosing, alleviating the highs and lows caused by organic contaminates and overfeeding. The Chemlink C1900 has two components, the Chemlink Controller, shown here, and the Chemlink Flow Cell shown below.

Step 7

The Chemlink C1900 Flow Cell is used to monitor pool water chemistry. Water from the pool enters on the left and exits on the right. One part of the cell monitors the chlorine level and another, the Ph level. These readings are passed through the Chemlink C1900 Controller to the Aqualink RS Power Center and Jandy Touch Screen.

Step 8

The Jandy Fusion Soft Nature 2 system converts salt water to chlorine and dispenses minerals when the Chemlink C1900 system senses low chlorine levels. The Fusion System has two components, a Nature2 Cartridge and an Electrolytic Cell. The Nature2 Cartridge delivers controlled trace amounts of beneficial minerals to help reduce bacteria and maintain an algae free pool. The mineral cartridge also reduces the amount of chlorine your pool requires, which dramatically improves the water quality and extends the life of the Electrolytic Cell. The Electrolytic Cell produces chlorine from a low concentration of salt added to the pool water. The chlorine kills bacteria, oxidizes organic material, and kills algae.

Step 9

The Stenner Tank and Pump System holds and disperses the PH liquid reducer when the Chemlink C1900 system senses that the pool's PH level is above a preprogrammed limit - in this case 7.4

Step 10

This next few steps show how the components are integrated into the pool control system. The Chemlink C1900 Controller has power and control lines going to the Aqualink RS Power Center and control lines going to the Chemlink C1900 Flow Cell. The Controller also has control lines to the Stenner Pump.

Step 11

The Chemlink C1900 Flow Cell has a water line coming from a point in the main piping just after the circulation filter. The Flow Cell also has a water line returning to the main piping just after the Fusion salt water chlorinator.

Step 12

The Stenner Pump has power and control lines to the Chemlink C1900 Controller. The Pump also has a tube connected to last pipe before returning to the pool to meter out a liquid Ph reducer (acid).

Step 13

The Jandy Fusion Soft Nature 2 has power and data lines connected to the Aqualink RS Power Center. The power lines turn the Fusion on and off. The data lines send pool salinity and temperature levels back to the Aqualink RS Power Center.

Step 14

Operationally, water from the input line is sampled by the Chemlink C1900 Flow Cell for both chlorine and Ph level. These readings are collected in the Chemlink C1900 Controller and passed to the Aqualink RS Power Center and Jandy Touch Screen. If the chlorine level is too low, the Aqualink RS Control System will turn on the Jandy Fusion Soft Nature 2 System to generate and dispense chlorine and minerals into the pool water. If the Ph level is higher than the programmed value set in the Touch Screen, the Aqualink RS Control System will instruct the Chemlink C1900 Controller to turn on the Stenner Pump to drawn acid from the tank and inject it into the pool water through the return line.


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Anonymous  Posted: 12/11/2016 

I have a watermatic flow cell, the chemlink c1900 looks exactly the same. Are they interchangeable .


InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 9/4/2014 

pooluser - A system like this can cost $2500 to $3500. For less expensive options see "Pool Automation".

 Posted: 8/31/2014 

How much does a system like this cost...looking to put one of these in if its not cost prohibitive.

InyoPools Product Specialist  Posted: 4/6/2013 

Chemtrol 250 - According to the Chemtrol rep you have two options. You can have your current Chemtrol 250 unit upgraded but they would only be able to monitor your equipment via an office computer or a mobile device. Or you could replace your current 250's with a newer version of controller, PC 2100, which can be both monitored and controlled via internet.

Anonymous  Posted: 4/4/2013 

I am looking for pool chemical automation equipment that can be monitored and controled via an internet drop and would allow access from an office computer or a mobile computer device. We are currently using two Chemtrol 250 controllers to monitor and control ORP and pH at an indoor pool an Spa facility. We will be replacing an old outdoor pool facility this summerand will want equipment for it also.