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Hayward ProLogic Automation Systems


PL-P-4 – Controls up to 4 high-voltage relays, 3 valves, 1 heater and solar
PL-PS-4 - Controls up to 4 high voltage relays, 4 valves, 2 heaters and solar
PL-PS-8 – Controls up to 8 high-voltage relays, 4 valves, 2 heaters and solar
PL-PS-16 - Controls up to 16 high-voltage relays, 8 valves, 2 heaters and solar

Standard Features:

Cost effective automation

Digital display of time, day, the temperature of pool/spa and ambient air

Built-in 100A Subpanel

Built-in keypad for complete operation and programming

Controls up to 16 relays, 8 valves. 2 heaters and solar

Variable speed pump control