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Laars Pool Heaters LXi

Model # Item BTU Gas Ignition Thermostat Price  
LXI250P Laars LXI Low Nox Heater 250000 BTU LP ELE
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Normally $1,679.99!
250,000 BTU Propane Electronic Dual $1,659.99 Description

Item # Mfg Code Item Heater Pipe Size Vent Style Price  
6204-204 R0467301 Vent Adapter Kit 5" LXi250 (Horizontal Venting from Rear)
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LXi250 5 in. Horizontal from Rear $64.99 Description
6204-205 R0467302 Vent Adapter Kit 5" LXi300 (Horizontal Venting from Rear)
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LXi300 5 in. Horizontal from Rear $68.99 Description
R0467303 Vent Adapter Kit 6" LXi400 (Horizontal Venting from Rear)
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LXi400 6 in. Horizontal from Rear $121.99 Description
R0484301 Vent Adapter Kit 6" LXi250 (Vertical to Horizontal Venting from Top)
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LXi250 6 in. Vertical to Horizontal Venting from Top $83.99 Description
R0484302 Vent Adapter Kit 7" LXi300 (Vertical to Horizontal Venting from Top)
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LXi300 7 in. Vertical to Horizontal Venting from Top $87.99 Description
R0484303 Vent Adapter Kit 8" LXi400 (Vertical to Horizontal Venting from Top)
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LXi400 8 in. Vertical to Horizontal Venting from Top $105.99 Description

*Please Note: The purchase of any of the above heaters does NOT come with an Indoor Draft Hood. The purchase of an Indoor Draft Hood is required when placing your heater indoors. The Jandy LXi heater require both a "Vent Adapter Kit" & "Vent Accessory Kit" when installing heater indoors (SEE CHART BELOW).

Laars Lite LX and LT Replacement Parts

LXi — The Next Generation in Heating Technology

Integrating the most advanced features in every aspect — from superior hydraulic design, lightest and strongest composite material construction — to a technologically innovative control system, the LXi brings the future of heating comfort to your pool.

The feature rich control panel has a user-friendlybacklit display. Built-in one-touch automation makes pool-to-spa switching simple. Freeze protection
and Jandy’s exclusive Maintain Temp Function* are just a few of the many features that bring complete control and comfort to your pool and spa today.

More Comfort with Jandy Technology

The LXi advanced digital control system is your key to comfort. Built-in automation makes pool/spa switching simple. Additional control panels can be added for ultimate convenience in the home, pool house or at the equipment pad.

Jandy’s new LXi is the easiest heater to install. The LXi is 33% lighter, with a 15% smaller footprint.

The LXi header improves entire circulation system efficiency. Offset plumbing and 2” universal unions provide added flexibility for simplified, direct connections.


Low NOx, fan-assisted combustion and Hot Surface Ignition System provides maximum performance.

Multiple venting options including sidewall, top or rear connections.

High efficiency C-Fin heat exchanger is designed for lower operating cost and greater savings.