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Raypak Spa Heater Spapak Electric Spa Heaters

Model # Mfg Code Item Depth Height kW Notes Port Size Width Price  
R-17121 017121 E3T Electric Digital 5.5kW Pool/Spa Heater - 017121
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4-3/4 in. 12-1/8 in. 5.5 kW 1: 30 Amp Breaker 1.5 in. 9 in. $599.99 Description
R-17122 017122 E3T Electric Digital 11kW Pool/Spa Heater - 017122
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4-3/4 in. 12-1/8 in. 11 kW 1: 60 Amp Breaker 1.5 in. 9 in. $649.99 Description
R-17123 017123 E3T Electric Digital 18kW Pool/Spa Heater - 017123
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5-7/16 in. 16-1/2 in. 18 kW 2: 40 Amp Breaker 2 in. 11-1/8 in. $1,299.99 Description
R-17124 017124 E3T Electric Digital 27kW Pool/Spa Heater - 017124
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5-7/16 in. 16-1/2 in. 27 kW 3: 40 Amp Breaker 2 in. 11-1/8 in. $1,549.99 Description

Model # Item Connections kW Volts Price  
001642 Spapak Electric Spa Heater / 5.5 KW
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1 1/2 in. 5.5 kW 240 V $569.99 Description
001640 Spapak Electric Spa Heater / 11 KW
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1 1/2 in. 11 kW 240 V $599.99 Description

When electricity is the energy choice a Raypak Spa Heater is the quality choice -- dependable, trouble-free, performance-proven - with corrosion-free, 100% copper and bronze waterways. Two compact models - 5.5kw and 11kw - built to last by the company renowned for reliability.

SpaPak spa/hot tub electric heaters furnish sustained heat to provide the maximum benefits of hydrotherapy...including stress reduction, relaxation and arthritis/pain relief.


  • Longer Life Because all waterways are corrosion-free copper and bronze - not aluminum. And, Raypak Spa Heater features large size, heavy duty Incoloy heating elements that lasts far longer than ordinary water heating elements.
  • Troublefree Because SpaPak has extra quality and safety built-in - a pressure switch to prevent operation without water flow, a high limit temperature control to prevent overheating and a dependable quality thermostat.
  • Easy to Install With a compact design that fits into small spaces. Standard size, full flow 1-1/2" inlet and outlet connections are conveniently located. External current leak protectors are not required.
  • One Year Limited Warranty Against defects in materials and workmanship (see written warranty for details). In addition, every Raypak Spa Heater is thoroughly tested before shipment.

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