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Pentair AquaLumin III Lights

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Model # Mfg Code Item Cord Length Volts Watts Price  
3534-3 78873500 Aqualumin III, 12v 100w 50' Cord
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50 ft. 12 V 100 W $335.99 Description
3534-4 78873700 Aqualumin III, 12v 100w 100' Cord
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100 ft. 12 V 100 W $442.99 Description
78864200 AquaLumin III, 120V, 250 Watt, 50' Cord
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50 ft. 120 V 250 W $314.99 Description
3534-1 78864250 Aqualumin III, 250w 120v 100'cord
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100 ft. 120 V 250 W $362.99 Description

12 Volt Transformers

Pentair AquaLumin III Lights have replaced the Aqualumin II light

Aqualumin II is no longer available. Replace your AquaLumin II with the new AquaLumin IIII

Pentair Pool Lights - AquaLumin III Lights Nicheless Light for Swimming Pools and Spas

The AquaLumin ® III Lights nicheless lights provide brilliant, double contact halogen quartz lighting for all vinyl liner pools and spas. This revolutionary, patented design uses a mounting hub and bracket instead of a niche. This light eliminates the need for prepunched light panels, costly make-up panels and extra braces for vinyl pools. Features Include:

  • Requires only a 3 inch hole
  • No costly make-up panels
  • No extra braces
  • Wall hugging fit
  • Easy to service
  • Easy to install

Note: All 120 volt pool and spa lights must be connected to a branch circuit protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Note: All cord lengths over 50 feet on 12 volt lights create resistance that dramatically reduces the light output. This condition exists on all low voltage lights regardless of design or manufacturer.

FAQWhat is difference between 12V and 120V Brightness?