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S.R. Smith Pal-Treo

Pal Treo
Model # Item Cord Length Coverage Price  
FPAL-C-TR-150 Treo LED Color Changing Light W/ 150' Cord
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150 ft. 200 - 225 sq. ft. $272.99 Description

Model # Item Color Price  
FPAL-TRT-TR Treo UL Warning Ring Tan Tan $33.99 Description

Part # Item Color Pool Type Price  
LNS2G Lens Housing for Gunite Pools White Gunite $48.99 Description

Model # Mfg Code Item Price  
WIRTRAN WIR-TRAN Wireless Lighting Control System
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$282.99 Description

A Totally Retrofitable Even Glow LED Technology Optic. This soft, evenly distributed light is now possible from the molded prismatic lens design that provides the PAL-Treo with an outstanding illumination eliminating the end shadow effect common with other existing pool lights. The PAL-Treo light is available with a 100,000 hour color change LED array that has six lockable colors and two color change modes. The PAL-Treo will color synchronize with the upcoming 2010 Light Streams series of water features and becomes a key product in the growing family of 12VAC products by S.R. Smith. This family of high performance, low power consumption lighting products can be wirelessly controlled by the WPC 12V Power Centers that include the WIRTRAN, WPC1-XXXX-T, WPC2-XXXX-T.

Recommended Coverage:

Light - Medium Interior Color: 200-225 sq ft.
Medium - Dark Interior Color: 175-200 sq ft.

  • Color Change Digital Array. Includes a 100,000 hour color
    change LED Array with color lock on six different colors or two color
    change modes.
  • Self Synchronized. LED color array light is self synchronizing
    with other PAL-Treo lights.
  • Retrofitable. Will retrofit most existing fiber installations.
  • Standard wall fittings. 1.5" wall fittings that only require 2.75"
    of 1.5" straight conduit behind fitting.
  • Even Light Distribution. No other light has a flexible molded
    prismatic lens.
  • Wide Beam Spread. The end shadow effect common in other
    lights has been eliminated.
  • Color synchs with Light Streams Products.
    The PAL-Treo will color synch with the new 2010, CLS-2
    version of Light Streams LED water features.
  • No Earth Bonding Required. Due to fully insulated design.
  • Non Leak Water Seal. No polycarbonate materials used to
    make the seal.
  • Flexible Lens. Absorbs pressure increase due to the expanding
    air when light is on.
  • Encapsulated Cable Terminations. Ensures no external cable
    or water seal deterioration due to heat.
  • Kits Available. PAL and WIRTRAN Wireless Light Control
    combo kits are available. See page 8.
PAL-Treo Fitting Compatability Chart
Brand Part # Type Comment
FS LNS-2G Gunite Stock fit OK
FS LNS-2A Fiberglass Stock fit OK
FS LNS-2V Vinyl Liner Stock fit OK
Hayward SP-1022S Gunite Modify Internal Shoulder
Hayward SP-1023S Fiberglass Modify Internal Shoulder
Hayward SP1408 Vinyl Liner Stock fit OK
Pentair 542405 Gunite No Fit - Loose Threads
Pentair 542414 Fiberglass No Fit - Loose Threads
Pentair 86205100 Vinyl Liner No Fit - Loose Threads
CMP 25523-00 Gunite Modify Internal Shoulder
CMP 25523-100 Gunite Modify Internal Shoulder
CMP 25522-500 Fiberglass Modify Internal Shoulder
CMP 25550-000 Fiberglass No Fit - Fitting too shallow w/ MIP installed
CMP 25522-000 Vinyl Liner Stock fit OK
Waterway 215-9150B Gunite Modify Internal Shoulder
Waterway 400-9390 Gunite No Fit - Fitting too narrow overall
Waterway 215-9170 Gunite No Fit - Fitting too shallow w/ MIP installed
Waterway 400-9150B Fiberglass Modify Internal Shoulder
Waterway 400-9170 Fiberglass No Fit - Fitting too shallow w/ MIP installed
Waterway 400-9160B Vinyl Liner No Fit - Loose threads, face too large
Waterway 400-9060 Vinyl Liner No Fit - Loose threads, face too large

1.5" standard wall fittings - However, due to the variety and great number of fittings that have been made, some may
need to field modified if the internal shoulder is too shallow or too thick. This can be performed in the field in about 1-2
minutes with a 1 3/4" hole saw or small sanding drum.
Basic requirements are: Standard 1.5" wall fitting with exposed face and internal threads - initially
connects to 1.5" waterproof conduit - conduit terminates above ground.