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Pentair SAL Spa Lights

Model # Item Cord Length Volts Price  
640013 Sal Light 12V 100 Ft Cord
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100 ft. 12 V $487.99 Description

Pentair Niche
Part # Item Hub Size Pool / Spa Type Surface Type Price  
79206700 Large Plastic Pool Niche Concrete
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3/4" - 1" Pool Concrete $59.99 Description
79206600 Small Plastic Spa Niche Concrete
**Free Shipping**
3/4" - 1" Spa Concrete $52.99 Description
78232500 Stainless Steel Fiberglass/Vinyl Pool Niche 1"
**Free Shipping**
1" Pool Fiberglass/Vinyl $140.99 Description
78242300 Stainless Steel Fiberglass/Vinyl 1" Hub Spa Niche - 78242300
**Free Shipping**
1" Spa Manufactured Spas $86.99 Description

12 Volt Transformers

FAQ: What is difference between 12V and 120V Brightness?

Pentair Light SAM / SAL

Designed for long life and long runs with minimum maintenance

  • The SAM Light is designed for Swimming Pools
  • The SAL Light is designed for Spas

Delivering a nearly limitless spectrum of mesmerizing color, Pentair SAM can bathe your pool in a custom color you select to suit your mood, or slowly roll through the entire spectrum in a luminous underwater display. Imagine transforming your pool into a unique and breathtaking aquatic environment right before your eyes. And for pools with more than one light, multiple SAM lights synchronize with one another to provide uniformly spectacular color from one end of the pool to the other.

To complement Pentair SAM, the SAL is the small diameter version of Pentair SAM and will fit in the same niche as Spa Brite and AquaLight fixtures.


  • Pentair SAM fits all full size Pentair/PacFab/American/Purex niches.
  • Bathes your pool in vibrant color at the touch of a button.
  • Exclusive spectrum color roll for a dazzling light show right in your own pool.
  • Hold on custom color lets you select a color to suit your mood or backyard decor.
  • Controlled by a single switch for convenience.
  • SAM produces white light comparable to that of 300-watt Amerlite.
  • SAM has a 3,000 hour halogen bulb life minimizes relamping frequency.
  • Pentair SAM has the same 3-wire installation as standard pool light.
  • 3 year Limited Warranty