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Lubell In-Wall Underwater Speakers


The Lubell 9484 is a proven in-wall Underwater Speaker system that is safe, durable, and powerful. In fact, the Lubell 9484 is the world's only piezoelectric underwater loudspeaker that operates under UL 30 volt class 2 legal limit and meets National Electric Code 680.27 and International Residential Code E4106.9.3 legal requirement for including an approved metal forming shell and captive metal grille . (PVC NICHE AND GRILLE MAY NOT BE USED FOR ANY UNDERWATER SPEAKER INSTALLATION UNDER ANY CONDITION PER NEC.) Although UL listing of the low-voltage Lubell LL916 underwater speaker is not required under National Electrical Code, the required commercial sound amplifiers (class 2 power supply) are UL listed, and have audio output circuitry determined by UL to be below the voltage limits for electric shock hazard as established by the 813 Standard. Amplifiers are listed on this page and on dealer price lists.

Lubell Underwater Loudspeakers have become the most popular underwater speakers in the world since 1969. Their superior patented design provides the highest documented efficiency, broadband response, and POWERFUL crystal clear sound from the lowest voltage. Because of the increased interest in water aerobics, lap swimming and synchronized swimming, built-in Lubell underwater speakers have become a standard feature in major college and luxury resort pools around the world. Swimming laps to the sound of underwater music or your favorite TV or talk-radio program is an enjoyable way to pass the time!

The 9484 is designed for installation at 6' (1.83m) optimum depth by licensed contractors during new concrete/gunite pool construction, and includes items listed on page 4 of install guide . Special 25V UL listed amplifier not included (see column at left). CAUTION: Included stainless steel wet-niche MUST BE BONDED TO EQUIPOTENTIAL GRID along with light cans and fixtures per NEC by the pool builder. Failure to follow this code required simple step during construction will lead to rusting and corrosion of metal pool fixtures.

For proper operation and to maintain 5 year warranty, 25 volts rms MUST NOT be exceeded to the supplied audio transformer box and underwater speaker -- regardless if using one speaker or eight speakers. We recommend and offer the following amps: InterM A-120 mixer-amplifier for 1-3 speakers; Peavey UMA1502 mixer-amplifier for 4 speakers; Peavey IPA300T power amp for 5-8 speakers. Each underwater speaker connects to output of individual AC205B transformer box, then inputs of multiple boxes connect in parallel to the 25V speaker line (supplied from UL listed GFCI protected amplifier only).

The 9484 must be installed as near to 6' (1.83m) depth as possible for proper low frequency response and coverage. Use one Lubell 9484 kit for pools up to 12' x 20'; Two for 20' x 40 pools; Three for 25'/30' x 50/60' pools; Four for 25 yard lap and competition pools; Six for 82'/115' x 48'/64 pools; Three to eight for personal Lap pools ; Eight for 50 meter Olympic pools


  • Frequency Response: 200Hz-20kHz
  • Efficiency: 60% @ 1kHz
  • Maximum SPL: 180dB/uPa/m, 1kHz, 20 Vrms
  • Power requirements: 25 Vrms @ 37.5 watts
  • For use with 25V tap of amplifiers listed below. Exceeding 75 watts @ 8 ohms will cause damage and void warranty
  • Directivity: Omnidirectional <2kHz, some scalloping >2kHz (portable test -- in wall T.B.D.)
  • Installation Depth: 6' (1.83 meter) optimum. Shallow end units can be installed at lesser depth to improve sound distribution with some loss in bass frequencies & level.
  • Finish/Construction:
    A9000/2: 304 Stainless steel niche & grille
    AC205B: Gray epoxy over die-cast aluminum
    LL916: Blue PVC w/EPDM seal

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