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Max-E-Glas II Motors - Full Rated - P4E Series

P4E6D-150L = 3/4 HP, P4E6E-151L = 1 HP, P4E6F-152L = 1-1/2 HP, P4E6G-153L = 2 HP, P4E6H-154L = 3 HP

Part # Mfg Code Item Price  
3050-38 R221016 Protective Pool Motor Cover
Normally $39.99!
$34.99 Description

Part # Mfg Code Item Amps Flange Frame HP Service Factor Speed Volts Price  
SQ1102 SQ1102 Century 1.0 HP Square Flange 48Y Full Rate Motor - SQ1102
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19.2/9.6 amp Square 48Y 1 HP 1.65 Single 115/230 V $229.99 Description
SQ1152 SQ1152 Century 1.5 HP Square Flange 48Y Full Rate Motor - SQ1152
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10.4 amp Square 48Y 1.5 HP 1.47 Single 230 V $273.99 Description
SQ1202 SQ1202 Century 2.0 HP Square Flange 48Y Full Rate Motor - SQ1202
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11.2 amp Square 48Y 2 HP 1.3 Single 230 V $334.99 Description
SQ1302 SQ1302V1 Century 3.0 HP Square Flange 56Y Full Rate Motor - SQ1302V1
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Normally $378.99!
15.4 amp Square 56Y 3 HP 1.15 Single 230 V $375.99 Description

Tune Up Kits - It is highly recommended to get either a Tune Up Kit or individual shaft seal when replacing a pump motor. Seal failure causing the shaft of the motor to be exposed to water will void the motor manufacturer's warranty.
Inyo's Tune Up Kits Include: Shaft Seal, Housing Gasket, Diffuser Gasket, Lid O-ring and Lubricant. Click for Sta-Rite Tune Up Kits