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Pool Ozonators


Model # Item Pool Size Ozonator Primary Pool Size Ozonator with Chemicals Volts Price  
EC-2-16 Del Ozone Eclipse 2 Ozonator w/ Parts Bag
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15,000 gal. 50,000 gal. 110 V $792.05 Description
EC-4-16 Del Ozone Eclipse 4 Ozonator W/ Parts Bag
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25,000 gal. 100 ,000 gal. 110 V $1,046.99 Description
EC-2-26 Del Ozone Eclipse 2, 220V W/ Parts Bag
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15,000 gal. 50,000 gal. 220 V $706.99 Description
EC-4-26 Del Ozone Eclipse 4, 220V W/ Parts Bag
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Normally $1,060.00!
25,000 gal. 100 ,000 gal. 220 V $1,046.99 Description

Del Ozonator

The Del Ozonator is the leader in swimming pool ozonators and spa ozonators. Del provides a safe and green way to sanitize your swimming pool or spa. With more then 30 years of experience the Del ozonator helps eliminate the need of chlorine which mean no chlorine smell, no red eyes, and no cloudy water. Purchase one of our Del Pool Ozonators today.