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Del Ozonators Components and Accessories

Item # Item Price  
9-0379 BIG EZ Dispersion HEAD ONLY, Black
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$173.99 Description
9-0378 BIG EZ Dispersion, HEAD ONLY, White
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$170.50 Description
9-0231 Dispersion pop-up head only for Little EZ, Black
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$96.99 Description
9-0230 Dispersion pop-up head only for Little EZ, White
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$96.99 Description
9-0414 Dispersion assembly for ZO-940/942, 12" stone, charcoal gray
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$92.99 Description
7-0422 Dispersion STONE, THRU-WALL FITTING for ZO-151/153
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$55.99 Description
9-0152 Dispersion Assembly, THRU-WALL for ZO-151/153
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$100.99 Description
9-0050 Dispersion STONE assembly, w/ suction cup & chain, ZO-151/153
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$73.99 Description
7-0785 Dispersion STONE ONLY for ZO-151 $48.99 Description
9-0001 SADDLE Clamp Assembly for Ozone Supply Tubing
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$54.55 Description
9-0002 Del Ozone Meter for pools (Delzone UV generators) $47.55 Description
9-0002E Del Ozone Meter for pools (Eclipse CD generators) $45.99 Description
9-0004 Del Ozone Meter for Spas $43.99 Description
9-0015 Water release valve for ozone generator installations below water level. $35.99 Description
7-0968 tee used for connecting two ozone generators to one Injector manifold. $32.51 Description
7-0021 Hose Clamp for Ozone supply Tubing $14.49 Description
7-0127 Hose connector, 1/2" MPT X 1/4" Hose BARB $19.99 Description
7-0172 Hose Coupler, Plastic 1/4 HB X 1/4 HB (Regular Tubing) $14.49 Description
7-0075 Tubing, Clear PVC, 1/4" ID x 3/8" OD (per foot) $14.49 Description
7-0723 Tubing, Clear PVC, 3/16"ID x 5/16"OD (per foot)...Standard Ozone supply Tubing for portables (ZO-151 $13.49 Description
7-0594 Tubing, Green/Blue, 1/4"ID x 3/8"OD (per foot)...small piece used with ZO-300/ZO-302 $13.49 Description
7-0935 Tubing, Green/Blue, 3/16"ID x 5/16"OD (per foot)...used with Eclipse 1, 2 and 4 models $7.99 Description
5-0240 Ballast (110V, 60Hz) for ZO-200, ZO-151/152/153, POP Display
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$93.99 Description
5-4013 Fuse, 3A for Delzone (UV) $15.50 Description
5-4012 Fuse Holder for all UV and EC models $17.66 Description
5-0241 Indicator Light, Green, for all UV and EC models $14.99 Description
5-0034 Indicator Light, Red, for all UV and EC models $35.99 Description
5-0933 Indicator Light, Clear for EC 1,2 and 4 models $7.99 Description
9-0170 Compressor for ZO-940/942A
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$626.00 Description
5-0782 Compressor for ZO-151 (enclosed style) Eclipse Platinum Series Compressor System Discontinued
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$122.99 Description
5-0877 Compressor for ZO-166T
**Free Shipping**
$416.99 Description