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Model # Item Pool Size Ozonator Primary Pool Size Ozonator with Chemicals Volts Price  
EC-2-16 Del Ozone Eclipse 2 Ozonator w/ Parts Bag
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15,000 gal. 50,000 gal. 110 V $792.05 Description
EC-4-16 Del Ozone Eclipse 4 Ozonator W/ Parts Bag
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25,000 gal. 100 ,000 gal. 110 V $1,046.99 Description
EC-2-26 Del Ozone Eclipse 2, 220V W/ Parts Bag
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15,000 gal. 50,000 gal. 220 V $706.99 Description
EC-4-26 Del Ozone Eclipse 4, 220V W/ Parts Bag
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Normally $1,060.00!
25,000 gal. 100 ,000 gal. 220 V $1,046.99 Description

Model # Item # of Cells Volts Price  
ECT-4-16 Del Ozone Total Eclipse 4 Ozonator 110v
**Free Shipping**
4 110 V $1,258.99 Description


Del TrioPure Del TriPure Ozonator with Salt Generator

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