Splash Extended Reach Pool Lift w/ Armrests - 370-0005


Model # 370-0005

By S.R. Smith



Model # 370-0005

Product Description

The is no longer available, it has been replaced by the Splash Extended Reach Pool Lift - 370-0000

This removeable lifting system is designed for facilities seeking to provide user-friendly access to their swimming pools. The Splash! Lift series meets the Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADA/ABA 2004). In addition to the standard configuration, the Splash! lift is also available in Hi/Lo, Spa, Extended Reach and Mariner versions. The Splash! lift semi-permanently installs into your pool deck via anchor, and can be easily removed for winter storage. 359° rotation ensures a safe transfer area.

The Splash! Extended Reach series is for use with pools with unusual gutter configurations that require a longer reach to the water line.

Technical Specs.

  • Meets or exceeds Americans with Disabilities Act Access Guidelines (ADA/ABA 2004)
  • 400 pound lifting capacity except for the Extended Reach, which has a 300 pound lifting capacity
  • Completely portable – no deck fixtures and easy to move by one person
  • Conveniently stores away when not in use
  • Powered by a 24-volt rechargeable battery
  • User operable via waterproof hand control
  • 359 ° rotation ensures a safe transfer area
  • Made from powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum
  • Includes battery, charger, battery console cover, waterproof control, stainless steel anchor socket with cover, footrest and seat belt assembly
    *Lifting capacity of the Extended Reach model is 300 lb/136


  • 400-0000 Caddy
  • 500-1000 Spineboard Attachment
  • 170-1000 Arm Rest Assembly
  • 900-2000 Stability Vest
  • 940-3000 Total Cover
  • 100-1400 Wireless Controls
  • 940-1000 Mast Cover
  • 960-1000 Mariner Sling

Arm Rests
Optional, flip-up armrests are available for all lifts. This accessory item can be retrofitted to a lift. The armrests are available in white, for PAL and Splash models, and in gray, for
the aXs.

Arm Rest

Also available:

  • Splash! Hi/Lo—A variation of the Splash! useful for facilities that
    have both in-ground pools and above ground spas.
  • Splash! Spa—Designed for use with spas up to 48 in/122 cm
    above the deck.


Splash! Top View


Product Specifications

Lift Type (Installation):
Weight Capacity:
300 lbs.
Power Source:
Rechargeable battery 24V