48 inch Oasis Wall Curtain Waterfall with 6 inch lip


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Product Description

The Oasis Water Curtain creates a chic and contemporary solid sheet of water. This waterfall has a width of 48 inches and a lip size of 6 inches. All Water Curtain falls are backfeed. The 48-inch waterfall requires a pump that can provide 40 gallons per minute (GPM); pump is sold separately.

To learn more about waterfalls and installation, please see our Waterfall Guide.

The Water Curtain comes in a choice of 5 different sizes, with 3 lip sizes. Below is a chart of the different sizes available. The diagrams show the waterfall dimensions.

Length of Waterfall 12" 18" 24" 36' 48"
Lip Size 6" 9" 12"  



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48 in.
6 in.

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