DuoClear Sanitizing System Pool up to 25,000 Gallons with Nature2 Express - W2005


Model # W2005



Model # W2005

Product Description

Imagine not having to buy or store chlorine on a regular basis again and lessening the need to constantly monitor and balance your pool water. It’s possible with Zodiac’s DuoClear™, the ultimate sanitizing system. Zodiac’s DuoClear system utilizes Zodiac Nature2® and Clearwater® technologies, two of the leading pool sanitizing systems on the market. The innovative use of these technologies provides an extraordinarily efficient, and effective sanitizing system that actually leaves pool water feeling fresher and gentler than you ever thought possible — automatically!

Come on in, the water’s twice as nice
When you swim in a pool that’s sanitized by the Zodiac DuoClear™ system, you can’t help but be amazed. You’re surrounded by water that’s so soft and silky you’ll never want to get out of your pool. The patented Nature2® technology and the low level of chlorine DuoClear produces, leaves your hair and skin feeling luxurious and pampered. In addition to delivering minerals and low levels of chlorine, small amounts of ozone are also produced which further adds to the sparkle and luster of your pool water.

Zodiac’s Duoclear system makes pool water simply irresistible.
The DuoClear system uses silver and copper in conjunction with just 0.5 ppm of chlorine to destroy bacteria and algae. The silver is an effective bactericide, while the copper is used to combat algae. DuoClear produces low levels of chlorine to oxidize dead bacteria and algae. The Zodiac DuoClear system saves you the time and effort that comes with manually sanitizing your pool.

This system works to give you the best quality water possible. It’s the clear choice for maintaining perfect, quality pool water automatically.

  • Zodiac DuoClear offers all this
  • Sanitizes pool water automatically
  • Destroys bacteria and algae
  • Reduces potential for stinging eyes, skin irritation
  • Reduces chlorine level to just 0.5 ppm
  • Lower chlorine levels help keep the pool pH balanced
  • Will not damage your pool equipment
  • Easy cartridge replacement every six months

DuoClear makes maintaining your pool simple
DuoClear is the closest you’ll get to total pool care automation. Zodiac’s DuoClear gives you pool water that has a more consistent pH balance. It reduces the need to frequently add chemicals and dramatically decreases spikes in the chlorine readings. The Nature2 technology assures you’ll have better water quality than what you would achieve with other types of chlorine. That’s because you’re using less chlorine and the low levels of chlorine that you need are produced automatically. Just look at all the benefits DuoClear offers you.

DuoClear provides the best water quality possible. Sanitizes pools up to 45,000 gallons, available in 3 sizes for pools up to 25,000; 25,000 to 35,000; and 35,000 to 45,000 DuoClear uses Nature2 technology which delivers controlled trace amounts of silver and copper to maintain a bacteria and algae-free pool; these minerals are unaffected by heat or heavy bather loads
DuoClear needs less chlorine to sanitize your pool which means less potential for stinging eyes, skin irritation and unpleasant chemical odors DuoClear dispenses low levels of chlorine into the pool automatically and constantly while the filtration system is on Electrodes are self-cleaning.unit reverses polarity every 5.8 hours to prevent calcium build-up DuoClear allows you to automatically boost chlorine to compensate for heavy use or extreme increases in temperature or rainfall with the touch of a button DuoClear uses easily replaceable cartridges that last six months DuoClear maximizes Electrode life because it runs at lower output to maintain chlorine level.

The benefits are twice as clear
Using DuoClear means you can significantly reduce levels of chemicals like chlorine in your pool. That means a reduced potential for red eyes, skin irritation and unpleasant odors. DuoClear works automatically. So you can spend more time enjoying your pool and its fresh crystal clear water. All you have to do is replace the DuoClear cartridge every six months. DuoClear even has a signal light that reminds you when to do that.

The DuoClear difference

  • Perfectly sanitized pool, automatically
  • Less time necessary for pool maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Improves water quality and your swimming experience
  • Fewer chemicals to use
  • Electrodes are self-cleaning.unit reverses polarity every 5.8 hours to prevent calcium build-up
  • Comes with a no stain guarantee

The perfect combination for perfect pool water
DuoClear creates synergy between Nature2 mineral technology and Clearwater® salt water chlorination. The Nature2 technology allows you to use low chlorine levels to effectively sanitize your pool water while the salt water chlorinator component automatically produces low levels of chlorine and eliminates the need to buy and store chlorine on a regular basis.

Control Panel Functions

  • Chlorine Output: controls the amount of chlorine generated.
  • Chlorine Output Lights: staged indicator lights show level of chlorine output.
  • Super Chlorinate: function increases the chlorine output for 24 hours of running time. This is used when the pool needs extra sanitizing after heavy use or rain.
  • Add Salt Light: indicates the need to add salt to pool.
  • No Flow: light will come on if there is insufficient water flow in the electrode, usually caused by the pump not running or a blockage.
  • Cartridge Indicator Lights: a series of 4 lights indicate the progressive life of the DuoClear Cartridge. Flashing red light indicates the cartridge needs to be replaced.
  • ON/OFF Button: switches the DuoClear and filtration system on and off.
  • Cartridge Reset Button: is used at start up of your new system or when the DuoClear cartridge is replaced.