Pool Star Floor Kit 50 Stars 50' Cable - VA-SK-25-2STR-50FT


Model # VA-SK-25-2STR-50FT



Model # VA-SK-25-2STR-50FT

Product Description

Pool Star Floor Kits

A unique feature of fiber optic lighting is its ability to illuminate a number of points from one illuminator. One of the best demonstrations of this is shown in swimming pool star floors. Extremely difficult to achieve with conventional lighting methods, fiber optics make it easy to implement this stunning feature in almost any location, especially in pool and spas. Fiber optic stars have a natural twinkle and glow. This transformation of your swimming pool into a mirror image of the night sky adds amazing curb appeal to your landscaping plan.

General design for star effects is using two fibers per Fiber mount every square foot. When choosing the length of fiber you will need consider the distance from your illuminator to the pool and then to the fur farthest star location. Also note the amount and diameter of conduit stub ups you will require.

Our star kits are available in 25 individual pre cut cables - 2 strands per cable. We suggest using 1-two strand jacketed fiber every square foot of the pool. This means running multiple runs of 2 fiber to each stub location. The nice thing about using jacketed fiber is this ensures the fiber does not get damaged when being pulled or texturing the pool.

Star Floor Kits do require the purchase of a fiber optic illuminator also known as a light source. Our star floor kits include the fiber-optic and the fiber standoffs

Kit Includes

  • 25 individual pre cut cables - 2 strands per cable
  • Cable Length: 50'
  • Fiber standoff's / mounts

Product Specifications

Cord Length:
50 ft.