Spin-N-Free Filter Cleaner - SF-1000


Part # SF-1000



Part # SF-1000

Product Description

SPIN-N-FREE, a hose and 90 seconds: All you need for easy spa and pool filter cleaning! There is no magic wand for cleaning filters, but here is one unit thats works!!!

Replacing filters can be costly. This little hard working, compact unit will save you time and money and can be used over and over again. The unit's sturdy plastic design and P.V.C. components make it virtually impervious to damage.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove blue base unit, pipe and lazy susan assembly from box.
  2. Place base unit on side. Remove fill plug. Fill base with water. Replace plug. Return unit to horizontal position.
  3. Thread gray 3/4" center-post pipe firmly into the base unit.
  4. Place lazy susan assembly on base over center post. Bearings must be tower-side up, between insides of the clear disks.
  5. For filters with an interior diameter of larger than 1 1/16", slip additional sections) of pipe (provided) over the center gray structure post as needed to fill any gap.
    • Adapter disks need to correspond to interior diameter of filter.
    • Place adapter disks over each end of 1 " white adapter tube.
    • Place filter over adapter assembly.
  6. Place filter over the center post.
  7. Place nozzle on the end of a garden hose, turn on water and spray filter off-center to start it spinning.
  8. Spin filter until clean, working the water up and down on the filter.

** Note: For closed top filters shorter than 12", cut PCV 1/4" shorter than the inside height of filter so filter base rests on lazy susan.

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?     Asked on 8/21/2018 by GEORGE

Do you have any of the discs with bearing that goes at the bottom of the spin-n-free filter cleaner? I know they don't make the spin-n-free any more but wondered if you had any of what I need. Or maybe you have a complete spin-n-free unit you want to get rid of cheap. Thanks, George. Pls reply either way

A  Answered on 8/24/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi, George. Unfortunately, this product or replacement parts are not available for this unit.