Autopilot Manifold W/sc-60 Cell & Base



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Product Description

Please note: Cell With Manifold & Base can only be shipped with a power supply as part of a complete Auto Pilot salt system. Cell With Manifold & Base will not be shipped separately.

Auto Pilot Replacement Super Cell. This is the replacement cell for the Soft Touch ST-60, Digital DIG-60, and RC15 This cell produces 100% pure Sodium Hypochlorite in your pool plumbing returning it to your pool. The Auto Pilot Chlorine Generator is used to produce chlorine for swimming pool.

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Product FAQs


Q:Does the manifold include the tri-sensor? Does the base include the clean-out and check valve?

A:According to AutoPilot, the Manifold w/ Cell & Base includes the tri-sensor, clean-out and check valve.


Q:What is the warranty on the Salt Cell itself and the Power Supply?

A:The power supply has a 2 year parts and labor warranty. During the 3rd year, 50% of parts cost is covered. The cell has a 2 year full parts and labor warranty. During the 3rd year, parts are covered at 50%. During the 4th year on the SC48 and SC60 ONLY, 25% of parts are covered. During the 5th year on the SC60 ONLY, 15% of parts are covered.

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