Simple Chlor - up to 10,000 gal - NC3050


Model # NC3050

By Blue Wave



Model # NC3050

Product Description

Simple Chlor – Chlorine generator for above ground pools

This state of the art chlorine generator gives your above  ground pool inground technology at an above ground price!

Swim in soft, silky water with chlorine that you produce and say goodbye to red eyes, skin irritation, and harsh chemical odors with Simple Chlor ®.  This is the first economically priced above ground chlorine generator that features inground technology and quality. By adding a mild salt solution to your pool, Simple Chlor ® changes the salt ions in the water and produces chlorine. The salt solution is undetectable and its concentration is at a much lower level than human tears. 

Simple Chlor is always on, producing a low level of chlorine as long as the unit is plugged in. The unit is completely safe and runs on any 110V GFI protected outlet. It is easy to install with just a screwdriver on new or existing above ground pools. Just keep your pool’s PH between 7.6-7.8 and clean the unit’s ionization cells every 4-6 weeks with vinegar and enjoy soft, silky chlorinated pool water.
We sell Simple Chlor in two sizes: a small unit – up to 10,000 gallons and a larger unit – up to 20,000 gallons. Both units come complete with 20 feet of cord and low voltage transformer. Clear ionization chamber lets you know when Simple Chlor needs cleaning.
1 yr warranty. UL listed.

Product Specifications

Gallon Size:
up to 10,000 gal.