CDS-16 Spa Ozonator AMP Cord w/ Parts - CDS16RAM


Model # CDS16RAM

By Del Ozone

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Model # CDS16RAM

Warranty One Year Manufacturer Warranty

Product Description

CDS-16 Spa Ozonator

The extremely compact CDS-16 Corona Discharge ozonator provides ozone delivery comparable to that of ultraviolet systems (UV) but in a much smaller package.

The CDS-16 corona discharge ozone system is considerably more efficient then UV systems and results in low power consumption (90ma @ 11 watts), lower heat generation, lower operating costs and lower replacement costs. The isolated circuitry of the CDS-16 eliminates voltage spikes, caused by starters and ballasts within a UV ozone product. Many UV products are notorious for upsetting spa-pack electronics.

Product Specifications

Cord Type:
Amp Plug Attached
110 V

?     Asked on 2/9/2008 by Guest

I have a Del CDS16DR ozone generator. Where can I get the replacement Micro Chip for this unit?

A     Answered on 2/9/2008 by Patrick P.

We do sell the replacement micro chip for the CDS16 which is the same chip used in Spa Eclipse Series ozonators. The replacement chip for the CDS16 and Spa Eclipse used to be a part # 5-0561 for $52 but this year DEL has come out with a package which includes the 5-0561 chip along with the check valve and 5' of tubing for $44.99 You may view the CDS16 & Spa Eclipse Ozone replacement chip package here.


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 (5 out of 5 stars)  7AWESOME SERVICE

from Lithia, FL. ()

Pros: Exceptional Customer service

Cons: none

I Purchased a replacement CDS-16 chip "Renewel Kit", (current chip was still working just aged per manufacturer recommendation) after installation and activation I noticed there was not the familiar "purple glow" that I previously had, thought perhaps I was shipped a faulty chip? I contacted Inyo, discussed the issue with a representative (Rob)?, he provided me with a direct contact name & number at DEL Ozone. Contacted "Dana" at Del, advised Dana of the issue, he explained possible scenarios and without question advised that he would be sending me an entirely new CDS-16 unit. I was expecting to hear "well sir unfortunately there is noting we can do", but rather heard what every customer wants to hear, a company basically saying "thanks for your business, we stand behind our product and we'll take care of you". AWESOME service all the way around, thank you Inyo & Dana at Del Ozone, EXCELLENT service, you have a customer for life!

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 (5 out of 5 stars)  Small Tub Great Rewards with Ozonator

from santa rosa, CA ()

Pros: No Bromine Tabs in MY TUB!

Cons: Only lasts 2 1/2 years! My tub is now 10 years old!

With only 150 Gal. of water to keep clean, this ozonator allows me to enjoy a fresh spa experience without the grief of caustic chemicals and odors. A little preventive maintenance goes a long way. Knowing these CDS-16 units are good for @ 2 1/2 years between replacement keep me coming back to InyoPools, for their service and prompt shipping.

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 (4 out of 5 stars)  Replacement Part

from Oroville, CA ()

This was a replacement for a like unit that came with my SPA.

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