2 laminars W/ 40' Ft. Fiber & 6004-AS Illuminator



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The only laminar flow fountain with pre-attached fiber utilizing Fiberstars proprietary light enhancement device. Fiberstars Light Laminar Flow Fountains come with 20' or 40' of fiber preattached. They include a light enhancement device (“the Scratcher”),which is a fully adjustable device for increasing the light output in the water flow. The fiber and laminar are produced together for an optimum light output and the laminar uses less fiber than any other laminar flow fountain.Designed for water flows 6' in height and 6' in distance. Minimum flow rate is 10 GPM per Large Laminar


  • 2 laminar fountains (These Laminar Fountains are slightly different than the Jandy Laminars), each with 20' or 40' of 150 strand fiber pre-attached

  • 2 deck boxes

  • 2 light enhancement devices

  • 1 Fiberstars 6004-AS Illuminator (maximum capacity is 450 fibers)

  • 21" H x 12" W

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  • Product FAQs


    Q:Will these laminars pulse or is it just a steady stream of water?

    A:According to the manufacturer Fiberstars, their laminars provide a steady stream of water only and will not pulse or "jump".


    Q:What is the difference between the Fiberstars 2004 and 6004 illuminators?

    A:The 2004 model has a strand capacity of 400 while the 6004 will hold 450 fiber optic strands.  The 6004 has a metal halide lamp that is rated at an average of 6000 hours.  The quartz-halogen lamp inside the 2004 is rated at 400-700 hours average.  The 6004 model is more energy efficient than the 2004 and consumes less power.

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