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Model # CLSLL

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Model # CLSLL

Product Description

Light Streams™ is a total new an innovative light water feature product line, combining the very best of two technologies - LED's and Fiber. Light Streams™ allows lighted water features to be installed individually wherever you want, all without the need for a fiber optic illuminator. All you need is a 12VAC power supply.

Light Streams™ Large Laminar

A single large fountain with internal L.E.D. lighting, that is completely self contained. Lend a dramatic splash to a backyard with Light Streams Large Laminars. These glasslike rods of water can be used individually or in multiples for a dramatic effect. Each Light Streams Large Laminar comes with a Deck Box, and an L.E.D. light driver, which includes 100' of 12V wire.

These Large Laminars are designed for water flows up to 6' up and 6' out.
Now available in a brilliant "Xenon" white!

Dimensions of Deck Box: 21" H x 12" W

Single large fountain with internal Light Streams™ LED and 24" of fiber.

Note: Light Streams Large Laminars are more dramatic when the laminars are placed with the water flow aimed towards the main viewing area.


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