Star Clear Plus 120 Sq Ft. Filter 2" Ports - C12002



Model # C12002

By Hayward Pool Products

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Model # C12002

Product Description

Hayward star clear plus cartridge filter offer added quality, value and convenience in cartridge filtration. Featuring a precision-engineered extruded core design, they provide for maximum water flow and superior filtration, while reducing energy costs.  

Constructed of high strength PermaGlass XL material they offer unparalleled performance and durability, and include a 10 year warranty.

Easy to clean cartridge filter element, with extra dirt holding capability. Engineered for durability and long life.


  • In-ground pools
  • In-ground pool/spa combinations


  • New PermaGlass XL™ filter tanks made from extra durable glass reinforced copolymer material to meet the demands of the toughest applications and environmental conditions, including in-floor cleaning systems
  • Single piece injection-molded base and body provides added strength for reliable, corrosion-free performance
  • Single locking knob securely fastens head to filter tank, eliminating bolts or clamps
  • Attractive, durable filter head may be rotated to conveniently position pressure gauge and manual air relief
  • Extra-large cartridge element with new precision engineered extruded core provides extra strength and maximum flow
  • Elevated, filtered water collector and debris sump prevents accidental by-pass of heavy debris to pool when cartridge is removed for cleaning
  • 1 1/2" or 2" FIP or 2" SKT connections for plumbing versatility
  • 1/2" FIP filter drain for fast draining. Also accepts standard spigot valve

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Product Specifications

Port Size:
2 in.
Flow Rating:
120 GPM
Filtration Area:
120 sq. ft.
Turnover 8 Hrs.:
57600 gal.
Turnover 10 Hrs.:
72000 gal.

?     Asked on 3/9/2017 by

The top of the filter case where the gauge screws in is cracked where someone over tightened the gauge and water leaks out when pump is running. I was wondering if I could buy the top that the gauge screws in. model # C12002

A     Answered on 3/9/2017 by Lennox H.

Hi, The p/n for the replacement lid for this unit is CX1200B.

?     Asked on 3/8/2017 by John

I have a 15,000 in ground pool with a Hayward Tristar SP3210x15 1.5 hp pump. Can I use the c1200 and use a reducer from 2" pipe to 1.5" into the filter? i didn't know if the small reduction into the filter would cause a problem. Thank you!

A     Answered on 3/8/2017 by Lennox H.

Hi, John. to confirm if this filter is suitable for your pool we will need to know the flow rate of the pump. You can calculate the flow rate of your pump by following the steps in how How To: Size a Pool Pump guide.

?     Asked on 2/2/2017 by

I have an 22000gal pool with a Pentair 3hp variable speed pump, and am replacing an old Sta-Rite 100gpm filter system. Do the C1200 and C12002 seem like good replacements? What is the difference between the two.

A     Answered on 2/3/2017 by Alan M.

Either one of these would be a great option to replace your current filter. The difference between the two is the C1200 has 1.5" intake and output ports, while the c12002 has 2" intake and output ports.

?     Asked on 9/19/2016 by scott

My pool is almost 10,000 gallons, I'm replacing the pump with a VS pump and a new cartridge filter and space is not a problem. The Hayward C1202 is probably everything I need but what is the difference between the Hayward C150S and C17502 other then they look different. And if I decided to go with a quad filter which one would you recommend. It doesn't have to be a Hayward brand. thanks

A     Answered on 9/19/2016 by Scott W.

Really the only difference between the two as far as functionality is the plumbing is going to be a little different. With a quad filter, part number C3030 would be a great you for your pool as well.

?     Asked on 7/8/2016 by jason

I have an old Pentair 36 sq/ft fns DE filter and would like to replace it with a cartridge filter. Can you give me a couple options to replace it with? Thanks

A     Answered on 7/13/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Jason, Switch from a DE to a cartridge unit I will recommend going to quad cartridge filter versus a single cartridge filter. The Pentair CCP320 or Hayward SwimClear C3030 are the recommended models.

?     Asked on 8/13/2015 by JOE VERNON

will this filter replace a jacuzzi sher-lock 120 filter

A     Answered on 8/13/2015 by Matt S.

Joe, the correct replacement cartridge for the Jacuzzi Sher-Lock 120 if the part number: NFC1401.

?     Asked on 8/13/2015 by Eileen

I need to find a new O ring for my filter housing for the top to bottom. it is a Model# C19002SBH which i understand is no longer available, however can the o ring be purchased?

A     Answered on 8/13/2015 by Andy O.

Eileen- The C1900 Star Clear Plus would use body O-ring, Filter Head (cx900f) part # 4663-07.

?     Asked on 8/7/2015 by Jose guzman

Hey my cartridge filter need to be replace do to the pressure of the water from the need filter crack the tank, I have a Hayward No: c-1100. 100 sq ft and residential 100gpm 37.5 gpm 50 psi and I was considered to get the c-12002 due to my old cartridge had to much pressure ? Witch one do you recommend to get?

A     Answered on 8/8/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi Jose, The Star Clear Plus 120 Sq Ft. Filter 2" Ports would be a suitable replacement if you have 2" pipes, if you current have 1-1/2" pipe you will need the Star Clear Plus 120 Sq Ft. Filter 1-1/2" Ports.

?     Asked on 7/16/2015 by Gena

my filter tank is 10 years old and needs replacing. Model# C19002SBH, Filtration Area 190ft, flow rate 120gpm/60gpm, 50psi. the filter is Series 190. what replacement tank do I need.

A     Answered on 7/16/2015 by Hector F.

With the gpm rating that you currently have I would recommend using the model Hayward C17502 filter. The 1900 series body parts are no longer available.

?     Asked on 4/5/2015 by

Where can I buy C12002 threaded port for a Hayward star clear filter

A     Answered on 4/6/2015 by Lennox H.

If you're talking about the PVC fittings that's used for this filter, it's a standard 2" male fitting which can be found at any hardware or plumbing supply store.

?     Asked on 12/2/2014 by

Do you sell just the lid for the filter housing?

A     Answered on 12/2/2014 by Alex V.

Hello, you can find the lid for the C1200/C12002 here.

?     Asked on 10/2/2014 by Guest

Is there any metal wand for replace?

A     Answered on 10/2/2014 by Patrick P.

The metal tie rod for the C1200 is available. The part number is 4663-11B.

?     Asked on 10/1/2014 by Guest

Are there specs on how many microns this filter is rated at? Is there available another filter that won't allow finer particles to pass through?

A     Answered on 10/1/2014 by Patrick P.

As a rule, sand filters sift particles ranging from 20 to 40 microns in size.  Cartridge filters can sift particles as small as 10 to 20 microns in size.  DE filters can sift contaminants as small as 1 to 3 microns in size. This makes DE filtration at least five to six times more efficient than sand filtration systems.

?     Asked on 10/1/2014 by Guest

Is the C12002 and the C12002S the same?

A     Answered on 10/1/2014 by Patrick P.

The C12002 has threaded ports and the C12002S has slip ports. Most people prefer the threaded ports of the C12002.

?     Asked on 9/16/2014 by Guest

The filter I had before needed to be backwashed. How do I backwash this Hayward C1200 or C12002?

A     Answered on 9/16/2014 by Patrick P.

This filter model type is a cartridge filter and does not actually need to be "backwashed". The filter cartridge element inside must removed on a regular basis which is on average about every month, rinsed down with a water hose and pressure nozzle of some sort and then put back into place.

?     Asked on 9/21/2006 by Guest

Does this come with the filter cartridge and gauges?

A     Answered on 9/21/2006 by Patrick P.

This filter comes direct from the manufacturer and includes the cartridge and gauges.


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The Most Helpful Review

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 (5 out of 5 stars)  Hayward Pool Filter Replacement

from Tamap, FL ()

Pros: good construction; easy to install

Cons: poor documentation

I had to replace an older unit that began to leak. The new unit is very similar to the old deisign. Fortunately, the plumbing matched so installation was simplified. There is a new gauage and top cover design. There were no installation instructions or an explanation about the new gauage.

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 (4 out of 5 stars)  Great replacement for 25 year old filter

from Sacramento, CA area ()

Great service, ordered part received within 4 days. Gauge was busted replaced by manufacturer. Filter is working excellent.

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2     1

 (5 out of 5 stars)  No more DE Filter for me

from Tampa Fl ()

Pros: Initial cost, no backwashing, no DE powder, less maintenance

Cons: Pros outweigh the cons

After 20 years and 2 DE filters I bought this cartridge filter. Most pool "experts" will say thats a mistake. My experience with DE filters have been a love hate relationship. Love the fact it can filter down to 3 microns (when it's working) but I hated just about everything else about it. Backwashing, taking it apart and cleaning the grids, replacing the grids every time they crack and let DE powder in the pool. The expense of buying DE power all the time, etc. I only have to clean my Cartridge once every 3-6 months. The filter runs at 10 PSI vs 20 PSI with the DE. So I have better water circulation. It's best to go bigger rather than smaller on the Cartridge filter so you get better filtration. When you replace the cartridge don't go cheep with an after market cartridge. The Hayward filters can last over 3 years vs. one with the cheaper ones.

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 (4 out of 5 stars)  Great Swimming Pool Cleaner


Easy to install - any plumber can do it. As soon as it started up and running and the pump was primed, the pool action was strong and started to clean quickly!

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1     1

 (5 out of 5 stars)  great pool filter

from loxahatchee,fl ()

Pros: huge

Cons: none

only had a 50 square foot filter and it blew out after 16 years so time to upgrade to this 120.

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1     0

 (5 out of 5 stars)  Excellent Filter!

from Chicago, IL ()

Pros: Everything

Cons: A bit costly, but worth it!

This filter is simply amazing!!! It's a very quality product, made very well, easy to assemble, and use! Extremely effiicent! Wish I had made the purchse 2 years ago!!

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2     0

 (5 out of 5 stars)  Great Filter

from Palm City, FL ()

Had to replace a 17 yr old filter and got outstanding advice and service from INYO. Quick shipping and we love this filter-does the job and more-great Hayward quality too.

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1     0

 (5 out of 5 stars)  pool cleaner


Pros: fast installation

Cons: none

fast installation & works great

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