AquaLink RS TouchLink Flush Mount Wired Controller - TCHLNKWF



By Jandy




Product Description

AquaLink Touch

Imagine, the power to control your entire backyard experience at your fingertips. Jandy ® 's AquaLink ® Touch ™ is a high-performance smart control system that delivers best-in-class functionality for all your outdoor automation needs. This powerful, intuitive device integrates premium design ingenuity, style, and functionality for the ultimate automation experience.

Note: Power Center and Software needs to be purchased seperately for a complete system, Click here for our complete AquaLink Touch Systems

Full Control, Total Convenience

With dozens of intuitive features and options packed into its sleek and lightweight frame, the AquaLink ® Touch ™ enables total control of your pool and spa experience with zero hassle. Featuring a streamlined, user-friendly interface, the AquaLink Touch has the power to control jets, color lights, pool to spa switching, pump speeds, temperature settings, water purification, and much, much more.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Full Color 7" LCD Touch Screen
  • Sleek, modern housing and display fits stylishly with any decor on the wall or on your finest furniture
  • Energy Savings Integrated Programming
  • Automates operations and routine schedules to save pool owners up to 75% on their energy costs
  • Customizable Home Screen
  • Set personalized equipment preferences, keeping functions used most at your fingertips
  • Digital Photo Display
  • Enjoy viewing your favorite images from camera to controller using the slideshow feature
  • Device Control
  • Effortlessly manage up to 32 devices, such as lights, water features, pumps, or pool cleaners
  • Pump Interface
  • Seamless interface with single and multi-speed pumps for added convenience and control
  • Wired or Wireless
  • Available in wall-mount or wireless models to suit your lifestyle

Your Backyard Oasis Awaits You

Controlling your pool and spa's basic features is simple with the AquaLink ® Touch ™ . It features hassle-free automation features that make operating a pool system easier and more efficient than ever. These smart innovations will help you not only save time, but also money — all with less work.

Main Functions

  • Instant Activation
  • Immediately control all pool equipment with a single touch. Manage your pool and spa temperatures, jets, cleaner, lights, heater, and more from anywhere.
  • Built In Safety Features
  • Sophisticated sensoring ensures automatic freeze protection. Heater cool down and system lockout modes keep valuable equipment running smoothly, protecting your investment.
  • Automatic Monitoring and Scheduling
  • Allows you to custom program to suit your lifestyle. Monitors status of equipment functions, keeping your pool and spa sparkling clean and ready to use. Scheduled activation will maximize energy savings.
  • Pool and Spa Colored Lighting
  • Create a mood or just brighten the backyard for an evening swim. Pool and spa color light control is effortless and fully customizable, allowing you to change colors from anywhere.
  • Solar Priority Setting - Maximize energy efficiency by prioritizing solar energy to heat your pool and realize the cost savings of alternative energy.
  • Water Feature and Spillover Control - Set your water features to perform at your command. With one touch, your backyard will come alive.
  • Water Purification Automation - Built-in logic for automatic monitoring and dispensing of chemicals. Eliminates the need to routinely handle chlorine and other chemicals, ensuring clean and balanced water all the time.
  • Season-Adjust Energy Savings - Automatic adjustment of filtration programs, cleaner run-time, sprinklers, and auto-fill settings to deliver maximum energy efficiency and convenience. No need to adjust settings to keep your backyard paradise in optimum condition.

Optional Control Features

The AquaLink ® Touch ™ offers a variety of optional features to maximize your automation experience. These innovative and convenient add-ons allow you to customize your control to suit your needs, while also allowing the system to be scalable and adaptable.

Optional Features

  • Whole Home Automation - Integrate with your current home automation systems for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment.
  • Automatic Water Purification - Add a Jandy® AquaPure® salt chlorine generator and interface with your Jandy AquaLink® for clean and clear water at all times.
  • Wired & Wireless Spa-Side Remotes - Stay in the spa and adjust spa temperature or turn on lights from a convenient spa-side remote. Jandy®'s spa-side controls fully integrate with any AquaLink® RS.
  • Chemical Automation - Add a Jandy ChemLink controller that interfaces with the AquaLink Touch to monitor and automatically maintain all chemicals in your pool and spa.
  • Control from Any PC - Control, program, and monitor the operation of your system and pool equipment from any PC. The onscreen control panel duplicates the same intuitive interface of the AquaLink Touch.