Jandy Legacy Heater 125,000 BTU NG MV Ign - LRZ125MN


Model # LRZ125MN

By Jandy



Model # LRZ125MN

Product Description

With 60 years experience as the No. 1 selling brand of pool heaters – Jandy’s new Legacy Heater is designed for today’s discerning market. Available in two models, the Legacy LRZE (electronic ignition) heater features a technologically-advanced dual-thermostat control, and the LRZM (millivolt ignition) model features a single control with easy on/off switch.

Whichever model you select, it’s sure to provide years of dependable service. With our industry-leading 24-point quality check system, you can depend on Legacy’s performance and reliability year after year, season after season.

LRZE (Electronic)

  • Digital control of pool and spa set-points
  • Self diagnostics and communication to Jandy AquaLink® RS Systems
  • Polymer headers with CPVC 2/2.5" universal union connections

LRZM (Millivolt)

  • Easy on/off temperature switch control
  • Mechanical thermostat allows users to easily set pool or spa temperatures
  • Polymer headers with CPVC 2/2.5" universal union connections

The Pool Sizing Guide shows the maximum pool surface area our Legacy models will heat based on the temperature difference between the air temperature during the coldest month the pool is used and the desired pool temperature. Figures are based on average wind conditions and average pool depth.

The Spa Sizing Guide details the time required for each model to raise spa temperature by 30°F.

Replacement for Jandy Lite2™ heaters.
*ASME® Certified models available.

Product Specifications

125,000 BTU

?     Asked on 7/10/2018 by

Are these connected to any electric supply 240v or something? Because i came across one of them today to service it and i did not saw any electicity connected to it Model of appliance : LRZ125MN Jandy.

A  Answered on 7/11/2018 by InyoPools Product Specialist Hector F.

The Legacy heater does not require an external source of electrical power to operate. The power for the gas valve and safety circuit are generated by a thermopile. The thermopile generates a millivolt signal when heated by the pilot flame. Figure 16 in the manual here shows the internal electrical wiring diagram and schematic of the heater.

?     Asked on 1/23/2016 by Cort

Why was this model discontinued?

A  Answered on 1/25/2016 by InyoPools Product Specialist Brian M.

I am sorry, we do not have that information. If you wish you may call Jandy and get an full explanation from them. Their number is 800-822-7933

?     Asked on 10/10/2012 by Guest

What is the difference between an Electronic and Millivolt ignition?

A  Answered on 10/10/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

The basic answer is that Millivolt is the old style of ignition, using a standing pilot light. While the electronic ignition uses a spark start system like a gas grill. Electronic ignitions are more efficient in gas usage and also are better suited for high wind areas where a pilot light might get extinguished.

?     Asked on 1/16/2012 by Guest

Will a gas heater operate at the low speed of a dual speed motor?

A  Answered on 1/16/2012 by InyoPools Product Specialist Patrick P.

Probably not - Most gas heater will shut off at low GPM levels (20-40) to keep the heater cores from overheating - 20 for 200 BTUs, 40 for 400 BTUs. Depending on your pool system you might get these GPM levels at the low speed but generally these heaters must be run at the motor's high speed.