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Model # 2CF1

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Model # 2CF1

Product Description

A perfect fit for your cartridge filter.

The Nature2 CF Pool Purifier drops into the cartridge filter of your inground or above ground pool up to 25,000 gallons. When you place a Nature2 CF into your filter and activate the Purifier, you'll see and feel the exhilarating difference in water quality. There are no changes to your system and no installation costs. It's that easy.

Nature2 Purifier uses the same minerals found in nature to trap bacteria, algae and viruses. Just drop Nature2 CF into your cartridge filter, activate the Purifier and let it do the rest for four months. Then, just sit back and start experiencing a safer, more refreshing pool.

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?     Asked on 6/3/2015 by Laura

Can the sticks be used individually or are all the sticks molded together ? My pool is only 4000 gallons and one stick at a time is needed

A     Answered on 6/3/2015 by Joe S.

Hi Laura these sticks be used individually

?     Asked on 7/14/2006 by Guest

I would like to know what type of weekly maintenance (chemicals) is necessary with the Nature2 system?

A     Answered on 7/14/2006 by Patrick P.

With the Nature2 you would maintain your pool the same way as if you did not have Nature2.  The only thing that will change is that you will maintain a lower chlorine residual with the Nature2. Instead of maintaining a chlorine residual of 3.0, you would maintain a chlorine residual of 1.5 with Nature2.  This results in using approximately 50% less chlorine.


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from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX ()

Nature 2 cartridges keep pools fresh and help the water stay balanced. Pricing through your comany is excellent.

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 (4 out of 5 stars)  sanitizer


Good product and Inyo has one of the best prices on it available

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 (4 out of 5 stars)  really does work, with very little chlorine

from McKinney, TX ()

Pros: water quality and comfort

Cons: cost

It really does allow you to keep your chlorine level very low so the water feels very nice on your skin. But it is expensive, so even though you spend a lot less on chlorine your total cost of “chemicals” for the year may be higher using the cartridge. But it is worth it to me for the water quality and comfort.

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 (4 out of 5 stars)  clean pool


put it in my pool filter system once a year and i only add 4 3.5" chorline tablets and some pool clarifier once a week. never a problem and i have a clear pool

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 (4 out of 5 stars)  Natures view 2

from Houston, TX ()

Keeps chlorine levels low and alge down

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