Auto Clear Plus Salt Chlorine Generator

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Product Description

Polaris AutoClearPlus Salt Chlorine Generator:

The Polaris AutoClearPlus® automated chlorinating system produces all the chlorine needed to keep a pool sanitized naturally and safely. Using the pool’s water and a small amount of added salt, the AutoClearPlus system uses a natural process to generate a controlled amount of pure chlorine.

Polaris AutoClearPlus uses an electrolytic cell to convert ordinary salt (NaCl), dissolved in pool water into pure chlorine. Installed on the return side of the pool's filtration system, the cell is controlled automatically by a simple to operate controller mounted nearby. The chlorine sanitizes the pool by oxidizing algae, bacteria and organic contaminant's. It then converts back into salt. This cycle is repeated idefinitely.

  • Sanitizes pools up to 40,000 Gallon capacity.
  • Quick reference LED salt level display.
  • Easy to read LCD displays run time, salt concentration and system diagnostics.
  • Runs on 240V or 120V
  • Sanitizes naturally, without any harsh chemicals.
  • No handling or transporting chlorine.
  • Compact cell design can be mounted horizontally or vertically without low flow issues.
  • Two-inch cell design provides less flow restriction.
  • Chlorinates the pool automatically.
  • Saves money.

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Ask a Question

Asked on 03/12/2016 by David

Since my polaris autoclear chlorine generator has been discontinued what is a comparable alternative?

Inyo Answer

Answered on 03/15/2016 by Product Specialist Lennox H.

Hi David, The Aquarite 40K (AQR15) would be a suitable replacement.


Asked on 09/11/2014 by Guest

I need to replace the box with the LCD. The LCD works but the wires for the fuse kit are broken. Do you know where I can get one or what I can replace it with?

Inyo Answer

Answered on 09/11/2014 by Product Specialist Patrick P.

Good afternoon and thank you for  contacting INYO Pools. Unfortunately we no longer sell this system nor its parts. However, you may want to contact Polaris (now Jandy) to see if they could provide some greater assistance. The phone # for Jandy is 800-822-7933

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   (5 out of 5 Stars) Great Salt Pool Chlorinator

Reviewed By: from McKinney, TX ()

Replaced 10+ year old Autoclear power supply/controller/salt cell with this unit. Polaris bought out Autoclear some years ago and the new salt cell was a drop-in replacement for the previous. Installation was easy and the controller has some nice features.

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The Most Recent Reviews

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   (5 out of 5 Stars) Better than chlorine

Reviewed By: from Alexandria,Indiana ()

Pros: use less chemicals

Cons: none

This is the best way to save money on chlorine, it is also easier on the skin and hair. We have not had to add any chemicals since we opened our pool in May and this is mid July.

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