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Product Description

The Polaris 9300 Sport is Polaris Pool Care's first entry into the in-ground robotic automatic pool cleaner market. Polaris didn't want to only enter the robotic end of the business, but also vastly improve upon current designs from other manufacturers. The unique aqua dynamic design integrates bold styling, advanced engineering and unmatched intelligence. Faster navigation and enhanced agility result in rapid and accurate cleaning action. Without a doubt this pool cleaner is a smarter, faster way to clean your pool than you ever dreamed possible.

Polaris Robotic Cleaner Comparison Chart

Specifications:9400 Robotic9300xi Robotic9300 Robotic9100 Robotic
Current Offers None None None None
Vortex Vacuum Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Specialty Feature Lift System Remote Control - -
Filter Canister Access Top Access Top Access Top Access Top Access
Filter Type All Purpose Canister All Purpose Canister All Purpose Canister All Purpose Canister
Canister Size Large Large Large Medium
Rear Water Cleaning Stream Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cleaning Area Pool Floor, Walls and Tile Line Pool Floor, Walls and Tile Line Pool Floor, Walls and Tile Line Pool Floor and Cove
Scrubs Tile Yes Yes Yes No
Cleaning Cycle 7-Day Programmable Programmable or 2 Cycles (1.5, 2.5 hrs) 2 Cycles (1.5, 2.5 hrs) 1 Cycle (2 hrs)
Transport Caddy Included Included Included Not Available
Drive 4WD 2WD 2WD 2WD
Scrubbing Brush Pleated Solid, Non-Pleated Pleated Pleated
Pool Size Up to 50' Up to 60' Up to 50' Up to 40'
Pool Surfaces All Pool Surfaces All Pool Surfaces All Pool Surfaces All Pool Surfaces
Weight 16lbs 16lbs 16lbs 12lbs

  • The unique large capacity filter canister means no messy bags like other robotic pool cleaners have. Easy access makes cleaning the canister super simple.
  • Vortex Vacuum Technology enables unmatched debris consumption through its revolutionary vacuum flow design, allowing the Polaris 9300 Sport to pick up larger debris quickly and efficiently, while maintaining maximum suction throughout the cleaning cycle.
  • The powerful rear water propulsion system cleans up the mess in tight corners and step areas.
  • Cuts down on filter cleaning as debris is collected inside of the unit itself.
  • Energy efficient and doesn't require a booster pump.
  • Included with the Polaris 9300 Sport is a convenient premium quality transportation/storage caddy constructed of heavy gauge powder coated alloy.

Polaris 9300 Owner's Manual (3.57 MB)

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Product FAQs


Q:What's the difference between suction, pressure and robotic cleaners?

A:Suction cleaners work off the existing suction of your swimming pool pump and plug into your skimmer or designated cleaner line. Pressure cleaners use the pressure of the water to help propel them around the swimming pool. You can connect some pressure cleaners to the pool return or a  booster pump (if required). Robotic cleaners are self-contained units that will climb up your pool walls (in ground) to clean most debris and algae. You will need a transformer (comes with cleaner) and an electric outlet (110/115v) by the pool.

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   (3 out of 5 Stars) Still looking for the best gunite pool cleaner

Reviewed By: from Louisiana ()

Pros: Cleans better than most cleaners, no booster pump needed

Cons: Can't set for automaticily timed cleaning

Latch for cover broke within one year and will cost over $50 to replace. works great for scrubbing the sides of the pool. Doesn't require a booster pump. However, you need to remove after each use. Not having the cleaner on a timer makes it an inconvenience to remember to place in pool before each use.

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   (5 out of 5 Stars) Awesome cleaner

Reviewed By: from Atlanta, Ga ()

Pros: Extremely simple to set up and use, catch bag for debris catches everything from sticks to algae and everything in between, easy to clean

Cons: Does get caught in odd corners occasionally, be careful with top hing door when emptying the catch container

I've got a pebbletech pool surface that has had a few rounds of algae bloom this year. My Polaris 360 just couldn't get into the tiny rocks. My neighbor bought a 9300 for this reason and I've been mooching his for a year and finally decided to bite the bullet and buy my own. I read all the reviews and they are, as you would expect, often colored by what brand is being sold. One of the negatives I heard about the 9300 was that it was merely OK cleaning up algae. That proved to be wrong as it does a great job cleaning up algae (green, yellow, and brown). I did buy the extra fine catch filter but the original worked just great.

The issues that some folks talk about with the chord getting twisted and such have not happened with either the borrowed unit or this new one. I have had occasion to get it stuck on some odd steps I have but that has happened on any cleaner I've tried and it isn't a big deal happening rarely - but it does happen.

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   (5 out of 5 Stars) Great Product!

Reviewed By: from Mableton, FL ()

Pros: Performance and style

Cons: Line gets tangled

Just replaced a six year old traditional Polaris model. Works well, easy to clean and looks pretty cool in the pool.

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   (5 out of 5 Stars) works great

Reviewed By: from Suwanee, GA ()

Randomly cleans but gets the pool done. Haven't had to manually clean the pool since I purchased this.

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   (3 out of 5 Stars) POLARIS 9300

Reviewed By: from RICHLAND, WA ()


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