Waterway Pro-Clean 125 Sq Ft Filter - PCCF-125


Model # PCCF-125

By Waterway



Model # PCCF-125

Product Description

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The Waterway ProClean is designed for in ground and above ground pool swimming pool installations. Waterway ProClean Single Cartridge swimming pool filter has a raised inlet for extra dirt holding capacity and clean easy plumbing from the pump. Molded of ABS thermoplastic, the ProClean Single Cartridge Swimming Pool Filter will provide years of dependable service. Waterway's ProClean Safety Lock Ring system allows quick and easy access to the filter internals for easy servicing and filter replacement. The thermo-plastic molded body of the Waterway ProClean comes with a 3 year warranty.

Waterway ProClean Features

  • NSF Listed
  • 2'' FPT inlet and outlet for more flow
  • Raised inlet for clean easy plumbing and extra dirt holding capacity
  • Waterway's Safety Lock Ring System for fast, easy access to swimming pool filter internals
  • Lid lock ring handle makes removing the lid easy and safe
  • Internal design for more dirt holding capacity for longing cleaning cycles
  • Drain plug is ¾'', can install a standard ¾'' hose valve for draining
  • ''Start-Service'' dial on stainless steel pressure gauge
  • Raised 18'' inlet for clean 90° plumbing from pump


Product Specifications

Filtration Area:
125 sq. ft.
Port Size:
2 in.
Flow Rating:
125 GPM

?     Asked on 7/21/2016 by

how many gallons will this clean?

A     Answered on 7/21/2016 by Alan M.

This filter will turn over 45,000 to 60,000 gallons in a 6-8 hour run time.

?     Asked on 7/21/2016 by

how many gallons will this clean?

A     Answered on 7/21/2016 by Alan M.

This filter will turn over 45,000 to 60,000 gallons in a 6-8 hour run time.

?     Asked on 6/1/2016 by mary Larson

I need a 2" x 1 1/2 MPT union fitting. Also I need to

A     Answered on 6/6/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Mary, The Hayward Union - SP14953S will work as a 2" x 1 1/2 MPT union as needed.

?     Asked on 6/1/2016 by

What filter cartridge fits this?

A     Answered on 6/1/2016 by Matt S.

The replacement cartridge for the Waterway PCCF125 is part number NFC1293

?     Asked on 2/5/2016 by Del

There is a leak in the area of the water diverter, shown as #5 in the replacement parts section, page 8. How can this easily be repaired. Water spurts from this area.

A     Answered on 2/5/2016 by Lennox H.

Hi Del, It would all depends on how your unit was plumbed in, but it's not difficult to replace the diverter.

?     Asked on 10/19/2015 by Mike

I have this Waterway Pro-clean filter and there is a small amount of water slowly dripping from the middle where the two pieces lock together by turning. Is there a gasket that should be replaced? What is the part number? Thank you for your help.

A     Answered on 10/20/2015 by Lennox H.

HI Mike, You would need to replace the Lid O-ring (805-0448) to stop the filter from leaking.

?     Asked on 9/5/2015 by charlie

I have a waterway Sierra FC100 and need to replace filter , model cp63062 according to your website this filter is no longer used why not and why was it dropped

A     Answered on 9/9/2015 by Lennox H.

Hi Charlie, You can still get replacement parts but that line was replaced with the Waterway Pro-Clean line.

?     Asked on 6/2/2015 by alicia

I'm having a hard time putting the cover back on the filter. I line everything up as directed but water still leaks out. I'm at my whits end as to what I should do.

A     Answered on 6/3/2015 by Wes B.

Hello Alicia, My option would be to replace the lid o-ring as over time it becomes larger and causes the top lid and bottom base to not seal properly. The part number for the replacement o-ring is (4744-012).

?     Asked on 5/7/2015 by Jim

What is the proper cartridge filter for the PCCF-125?

A     Answered on 5/7/2015 by Lennox H.

Jim, The replacement cartridge for the Waterway Proclean PCCF-125 is Proclean 125 Sq.Ft OEM Cartridge and  Proclean 125 Sq.Ft. Generic Cartridge.

?     Asked on 4/24/2013 by Guest

Does filter model # PCCF-125, come with a cartridge?

A     Answered on 4/24/2013 by Patrick P.

Yes, filter model # PCCF-125, does come with a cartridge.

?     Asked on 7/10/2012 by Guest

I just need the lid cover, can you not sell them separate from the whole Cartridge filter?

A     Answered on 7/10/2012 by Patrick P.

We do sell the lid cover for the Waterway PCCF-125 here http://www.inyopools.com/Products/07501352049907.htm If you have any further questions please feel free to reply to this