Jet,lux Stainless Turbo Swirl - White (90103200)


Part # 9390-016

By Pentair Pool Products



Part # 9390-016

Manufacturer Code 90103200

Alternate Part #'s 90103200

Product Description

Smooth Turbo Swirl Jet
Diameter 3 1/2"
Face Smooth
Color Stainless - White
Manufacturer American Products / Pentair
Manufacturer Number 90103200
Front View Back View

*Please Note - Color listed and Face Type in chart box will be the Color & Face Type of the jet which is ordered which is not always the Color & Face Type which is displayed in the photograph. your source for spa jets! We carry a huge supply of replacement spa jets from all the top brands like Waterway, American Products, HydroAir and more. We have made it easy to select the proper jet, there are 3 ways to choose.

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Q: What does diameter refer to?
A: This is the outside measurement on the face of the spa jet.

Q: What is the difference between face types on the jet?
A: The most common face types are smooth, emerald and scalloped. The face of the jet is for aesthetic purposes only the smooth face is completely smooth where the Emerald and scalloped jets have texture to the face of the jet