NiceRink Starter Kit 14' X 36' & Brackets - NRCSSK1436


Model # NRCSSK1436

By NiceRink



Model # NRCSSK1436

Product Description

NiceRink™ Starter Rink Packages

Starter Rink Packages are the best way to get started on a budget with the key essentials. You SAVE because each kit is based on standard sizes which reduces our cost and your price.

Each Kit Includes:

  • A complete set of NiceRink Patented Brackets
  • NiceRink Liner (NR #1 or NRCS)
  • 1 Roll 4" X 25' NiceRink Patch Tape
  • 1 Tube 1ounce Underwater Glue
  • 1 NiceRink Rink Rat Logo Puck
  • Instruction Book and Catalog
  • SAVE 20% by buying a premade, non-custom starter kit

    We sell our NiceRink Starter Kits with two different types of liners. The first liner is the "NRCS" - Liner for Cheap Skates and the second liner is the "NR#1" - NiceRink 1 (4 Mil. Triple Laminated) Below is a description of each liner:

    "NRCS" - Liner for Cheap Skates - This Super-white film is offered as a less expensive alternative to the standard ultra-strong liners. NiceRink has stepped up efforts to provide a lower cost alternative in a wide width, one side "super-white" film. This liner should be considered a single season liner and is not recommended for severely sloped sites. It is available in widths of 32, 40, 50, and 60 foot lengths.

    "NR#1" - NiceRink 1 (4 Mil. Triple Laminated) - The original ice rink lining material offers an engineered, triple laminated, prestressed, high density polyethylene sheet. NiceRink I material is over 200% more puncture resistant than regular 6 mil plastic, which is excellent for its weight and has an unbelievable cold crack of -70F. Available in widths of 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, foot stock by any length. Wider widths available upon request.

    Special Notice

    Because of unprecidented demand for the NiceRink Brakets we strongly suggest you place a "Pre Order" to ensure we will have inventory to fill your order. We will hold the shipping of your order until just the right time before Old Man Winter arrives mid to late October.

    * All packages require the purchase of either 12, 16, or 24 inch high 3/4 inch plywood to fit into the brackets or NEW NiceRink Thermoformed Plastic Boards. Rinks with 28 brackets/100PF, will require 13-8 foot lengths. Rinks with 56 brackets/212 PF, will require 27- 8 foot lengths.