NiceRink Wall Support Bracket - NB034AC


Model # NB034AC

By NiceRink



Model # NB034AC

Product Description

NiceRink™ brackets are the most unique and easiest method ever devised to make the perimeter of an outdoor, temporary ice rink. So unique in fact, they're patented

The NiceRink™ brackets were designed and engineered based on the knowledge gained from building and skating on our own outdoor rinks using the traditional sideboard and pounded stakes method. The NiceRink™ brackets eliminate the need to "build" a rink. They are easy to use and cut installation time by at least half. With that in mind, we know you'll enjoy the practical purpose and clean esthetic look of the bracket's design on your NiceRink™

The NiceRink™ brackets are designed to accommodate 3-16" of ice with no additional support needed. This is accomplished by using our Thermoformed Plastic Sideboards, or a 3/4" thick plywood in variable height panels of 12", 16" or 24" as required by your rinks location, design and how the rink will be used. The ability to adjust the board height makes it easier to erect a rink on uneven or sloping ground. The minimum board height is 8" with a maximum suggested height without additional support of 24". This allows for as much as a 12" pitch (16" of ice) using the NiceRink brackets alone.

For rinks placed on uneven or slopping ground, there is a 3/4" diameter stake hole within the bracket to provide extra stability when needed. Frost penetrating stakes are available 18" and 24" lengths. Brackets should be placed every four feet along the perimeter. Place them every 2.5 feet on the deep ends that exceed 16" of water/ice.
This will make a sturdy frame that will last for years to come. Easy Up - Easy Down! The NiceRink™ brackets are made with super UV resistant, treated poly compounds to last in excess of 12 years.