PondSweep SK700Pro Skimmer - 250



Model # 250

By Aquascape



Model # 250

Product Description

Aquascape's PondSweep? pond skimmers are large enough to tackle ponds up to 900 sq.ft. of surface area, making them a great choice for larger ponds. PondSweep's patented skimmer bellows create suction on the surface of the pond keeping the pond surface clear from debris. PondSweep? includes an easy-to-clean filter mat, reducing skimmer maintenance.


  • Matala Filter Mats Significantly reduces the frequency of filter mat cleaning The design of Matala mats allow water to continue to freely flow through the upper portions of the mat Rigid structure of the mat is extremely easy to clean
  • Patented Bellows Style DoorPondSweep? Skimmers have a patented bellows weir that creates suction on the surface of the pond, pulling more dirt and debris into the skimmer
  • Dry Cleaning The bellows door seals shut, so the pond owner can easily remove the mat and net without getting their arms wet


Product Specifications

700 sq. ft.

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