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Product Description

GLB Shoxidizer® shock oxidizer is a 4-in-1 proprietary blend of DuPont? Oxone®, a powerful oxygen-based oxidizer, and a dry clarifier. This unique formulation provides the benefits of oxygen-based oxidation while boosting free chlorine concentrations. This one-two punch keeps water sparkling clear and clear by eliminating organic contaminants.  


  • Boosts free chlorine concentrations
  • Oxidizes to eliminate organic contaminants
  • Dissolves quickly
  • Contains no calcium
  • Buffered; will not affect water balance
  • Only 1 lb. treats 10,000 gallons
  • Part of the GLB No Algae. Guaranteed. Program

Use weekly to maintain sparkling clear water.


  • 1 lb. pouch.
  • 25 lb. pail.

Since GLB Shoxidizer® shock oxidizer is buffered, it will not affect water balance. Therefore, pH and total alkalinity will remain unchanged. Shoxidizer® is specially formulated to prevent dull, hazy water. Add Shoxidizer® to pool water every week to oxidize contaminants introduced by bathers and to maintain sparkling clean water.

Chlorine, bromine, ozone and salt water sanitizing systems.

Shoxidizer® shock oxidizer is a quick-dissolving shock, oxidizer, buffer and clarifier in one. Contains 15% dichlor, 72% Oxone and 13% buffers and clarifying agents.

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Product FAQs


Q:I just purchased a new pool. What chemicals do I need to keep it clean?

A:Congratulations on your pool purchase. To keep your pool nice and clean you will need a variety of chemicals. Feel free to browse through our Pool Chemical Guide. It provides quite a bit of information to help get you started.


Q:Can I pay for expedited shipping on my pool chemicals?

A:It is the policy of our shipping carrier, UPS, to not permit expedited shipping of possible hazardous or dangerous chemicals via air transit. This policy includes all pool chemicals making the only available delivery method for such items UPS Ground.

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