Solar Pump & Filtration System - NE6750


Model # NE6750

By Natural Current



Model # NE6750

Product Description

100% solar powered unit filters your pool water off the grid.

This is the first 100% solar powered, portable floating pump and filtration system. Simply turn Savior on, place it in your pool and it immediately begins to filter your pools water without external electricity. The system is powered by an array of solar cells on the top of the unit which generate electricity, which powers the pump underneath the unit. As the Savior floats around the pool the pump is pulling water through the three cartridge filters purifying your pool water. The Savior is strong enough to provide 100% filtration for most residential swimming pools (up to 15,000 gallons). You can turn off that loud expensive pool pump and let the quiet solar powered Savior glide across your pool keeping it clean.

Savior needs a sunny pool area in order to operate. It will not function well in shade or partial shade. The unit is lightweight (weighs 3lbs) and easy to remove when swimming. Low voltage solar electricity is safe and once the units cartridges are dirty, simply rinse off with a high pressure hose.

Since pool pumps cost over 100.00/month to operate, the Savior pays for itself in less than 3 years. The unit qualifies for federal and local tax credits. No installation required. 3 year limited warranty. Measures 38” x 38".

Power your pool off the grid with the Savior solar powered filtration system. This innovative product won “Best Green Product” at the International Pool/Spa and Patio Expo.