Opening your pool for the spring

How to Open Your Pool for Spring

11 thoughts on “How to Open Your Pool for Spring

  1. After you open your pool for the 1st time of the season how long should you let your pump run to mix up your chemicals. I kno after that its 8 hours a day. Thanks

  2. You said shock it after you balance it? How are you balancing a pool without shocking it first to kill everything?

    1. Because the muck doesn’t have as much effect on the balancers (pH, Alkalinity) as it does on the chlorine. Plus the Chlorine can’t work at its most efficient when the pH and alkalinity are out of whack.

  3. If we removed the drain plug on both the filter and pump how do I get water back into the filter? Will it automatically fill up once I prime the pump? This is my first time starting up after the plug removed for winter. Thank you soo much!

    1. Set your multiport valve to waste when starting your pump for the first time. But the anti-freeze is a non-toxic Propylene glycol-based substance that will not affect your pool water. Most pool owners do not bother to flush the lines.

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