How to pick a salt chlorinator and chlorine feeder for you pool?

How to Select an Inground Pool Sanitizer

6 thoughts on “How to Select an Inground Pool Sanitizer

  1. I have a 24′ above ground round pool. The water was VERY dirty since the cover fell through half way through winter and all the leaves got inside. We have an ionizer system (power ionizer) and last year when the system was new the water stayed sparkling, but this year I have been able to get the water to a blue-ish color but can not get it back to sparkling. What am I doing wrong?

  2. I currently have a salt chlorinator. I also have flagstone coping and a waterfall. The stone is starting to wash away. I had a professional come to give an estimate on repair and he recommended converting back to a chlorine pool saying the salt isn’t good for the type of materials around my pool. I like having the salt chlorinator but I don’t want to damage my pool. Do you have any suggestions?

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