How To Identify Hot Tub Jets

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  1. I am from Jamaica we mostly used Hayward jet-air part number3740-05 my question is this can I connect my air blower to that top section of that jet I think it a 1/2 inch pipe can u send me a email

  2. The article states: “On this particular diffuser, the part number is 218-4000. If you typed this part number into the search engine on, both the diffuser and replacement jets pop up.”

    So, question: Does the diffuser have to be ordered in addition to the jet, if you want to replace both? The part pictures, as you say, show the ‘complete’ diffuser and jet. I’m assuming they snap together? I actually have the same diffuser # but a number of them, including some jets in the unit, need to be replaced due to deterioration (plastic breaks and chips).

    It’s a bit confusing because it does not clearly state on the jet pictures that “jet & diffuser must be ordered as separate parts.”


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