Why is my skimmer lid blowing off

PSC Ep. 75: Why is my skimmer lid blowing off?

3 thoughts on “PSC Ep. 75: Why is my skimmer lid blowing off?

  1. My question as well. Does this mean a blockage in the skimmer line or an air leak at the pump? You guys should give solutions rather than telling us the obvious multiple reasons why it happens. Nobody cares why but everybody wants to know how to fix it.

  2. Hi I have just had my sand filter changed out with a new more modern hayward from an old style. My pool guys recommended some new non sand type dust. My water has remained cloudy 2 weeks and now when i turn pump off water blasts lid off at skimmer. There is also some evidence of gravel on deck and in pump motor basket the finer underneath. They said it may be from the skimmer pit but I never had this happen until they changed the sand filter and ran some new pvc to my solar? Can you give me any ideas? There was some bubbles at the jets and in pump after filter done as well. Help! Thanks len

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