How do I protect my pool equipment from the weather?

PSC Ep. 84: How do I protect my pool equipment from the weather?

In today’s episode of Poolside Chat, Rob and Matt tackle another common swimming pool question: 

Is there anything I can do to protect my pool equipment from the weather?


Yes, there is. The main concern would be water; the first thing you want to do is make sure your equipment’s elevated a bit; whether it be on a fiberglass pad or a concrete pad. The pump needs to be just high enough for water flow down and away, rather than puddling and consuming the pump. Also, you want to make sure whatever side of the house the pump sits make sure there are gutters protecting from a torrential downpour of roof runoff. Then you can be certain your sprinklers are pointed away from your pump to prevent splashing. Reclaimed sprinkler water especially can be torture on your equipment.

Try to position your pad, or Landscaping so that it has shade at least part of the day. Here in Florida pumps and filter get baked by the sun causing premature failures. Some people even enclose their equipment. If you do that you want to make sure it’s well ventilated because a motor’s lifespan is shortened by high heat. The bearings and the windings are only made to heat up to a certain temperature.

If you’re up North where you winterize pools, consider breaking down the equipment and storing it until next season. If you’re expecting a really heavy rainstorm, heaven forbid, tornadoes or anything of that ilk that might affect your equipment,  be proactive by bringing in your motor, if not the whole pump.

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  1. I am replacing my pump motor AO Smith 1hp B2848 and need to replace the shaft seals on my pre 1998 STA Rite pump model DS2HF-104 code 1C84T. What will be the correct seals.

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