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2016 New Year’s Resolutions & 2015 Recap

Congratulations everyone, you have made it another year. There was a lot of good that happened in 2015 and some bad (cough – Justin Bieber – cough), but the most important thing is to improve in 2016. That is why I have made a list of resolutions that we can follow to make 2016 the best possible.

I Resolve to Balance My Water Chemistry Properly…

Yes, I know I say it every year, but darn it I mean it this time. I swear.

The best defense is a good offense. If your sanitation chemicals (i.e. chlorine or bromine) are maintained at proper levels, there is little chance for algae or any other nasties to gain a foothold. Seinfeld UkraineBasically your pool is one big Risk board and algae are always snatching for Ukraine. Don’t let them have Ukraine; Ukraine is strong. Keep your defenses up by maintaining proper chlorine and balancer levels and all will be well.

If you struggle with water chemistry or dosage amounts, take the time to revisit the great online tool PoolMath Calculator. We discussed the PoolMath Calculator in 5 Online Tools Pool Owners Cannot Live Without Part 1 which is chock-full of useful tips for the internet savvy pool owner. Don’t forget about Part Two.

I Resolve to Stop Making Mistakes…

This is an impossible resolution to keep because mistakes are an inevitable part of being human. The probability for making mistakes upticks dramatically once you own a pool. New pool owners make gaffes all the time like placing chlorine tablets in the pump strainer basket, pouring salt directly into your skimmer (it is like sand blasting your pump’s insides), or just plain neglect of pool equipment.

Fortunately for you, we have either made them or helped someone to correct these mistakes. With that knowledge, we wrote a few blogs to make sure you do not fall victim to the same follies. Take a look:

I Resolve to Hack My Pool…

Two people I will never be confused for are Denzel Washington and MacGyver. I’m a lot taller and more handsome (at least that is what my mom says) than Denzel. And comparisons to MacGyver will not be coming because I am not a person to “rig up” a solution on the spot. I am a researcher and like to draw within the lines of convention, but only after an hour or so of browsing manuals and guides. This is the downside of being geeky.

A hack is a clever solution to a difficult problem. More times than not, the hack is a cheaper alternative to the traditional fix for a problem. Our contributor, Patrick, provides a list of Pool Hacks that help save you time and money while keeping your pool pristine. Here are samples of the tips:

  • Float a tennis ball in your pool to soak up body oils and grease instead of using those pricey enzyme cleaners.
  • Pour your stabilizer chemical through a wet gym sock to prevent cloudy water.
  • Cover your skimmer basket with pantyhose to catch fine debris like sand, dirt and pet hair to prolong your filter’s life.

I Resolve Not to Wear Anymore Wigs or Hats….

I Resolve Not to Ignore My Spa…

Pools are our main expertise here at INYO Pools (it’s in the name for crying out loud). But that doesn’t mean we should forget our pool’s bubbly friend – the spa. In my three part Spa Care series, Why is my Spa Dirty?, I walk through the dirty and sometimes disgusting process of turning a neglected spa into a real hotspot.

The winter is hot tub season so this is the one you should start working on first.

And Lastly, We Resolve to Keep Bringing You the Pool Knowledge and Fun You Want and Need…

When we started this blog in 2014 we had high hopes, but we had no idea we would get such a positive response from customers and curious pool owners. We at Inyo are humbled to have you as readers. Thank you for reading.

Have a Happy New Year!

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