5 Reasons Why You Need the Raypak AVIA

5 Reasons Why You Need the Raypak AVIA Pool Heater

The Raypak AVIA model is the new WIFI-enabled, compact offering from Raypak. The Raypak AVIA is another series that offers the reliable, simple, and cutting edge design Raypak has been known for for decades. There are quite a few reasons why you should choose the Raypak AVIA as your new pool heater, but we’ve narrowed it down to a key 5. Let’s review them.

Raypak, the Most Trusted Name in Pool Heating

Raypak is a unique pool company specializing in one specific category. Raypak does not branch out much like other brands into categories like pumps, filters, and salt systems. However, Raypak knows pool and spa heating, and they’ve crafted their heaters and heat pumps to be among the best in the industry.

Raypak’s central focus on pool and spa heating means all of their customer support and tech staff know their heaters from burner to draft hood. So when you call Rayypak tech support, you’re getting expert service.

LowNOx Standard

The Raypak AVIA is 84% efficient certifying it as low-emissions (LowNOx) compliant. The heater’s Low NOx rating means it can be installed in all 50 states, even in California who has the tightest emission restrictions. The AVIA is a great choice if you’re looking for a “greener” alternative to the classic Raypak RP2100.

Replaces Pentair MasterTemp and Jandy LXi

The Raypak AVIA matches the header location of both the Pentair MasterTemp and the Jandy LXi pool heaters. By matching the headers of the other models, the AVIA reduces the need for replumbing required if you switch to a Raypak 2100 or Hayward universal.

The Pentair MasterTemp and Jandy LXi are two of the most popular pool heaters sold today. Though they are popular, that does not mean they are without flaws; these models tend to become more temperamental as they age, leading to costly repairs and downtime. 

ProTek Shield

The AVIA’s ProTek Shield technology helps prevent heat exchanger corrosion, prolonging the lifespan of the heater. Copper is an excellent heat conductor but it’s more susceptible to corrosion than other heat exchangers options like cupro-nickel or titanium. The Protek shield acts as a sacrificial anode to which corrosive elements can attach rather than latch onto your copper heat exchanger. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Control your pool heater from the living room, office, or while on vacation with the Raypak Raymte app. The Raymote allows you full control over your equipment pad enabling you to manage your heater, pumps, water features, and pump scheduling while on the go.

For example, you’ve had a long day at work and you deserve a warm therapeutic swim when you get home. With the Raymore app, you can turn on your pump and heater from your desk, so you’re ready to swim when you arrive home.

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